Chris Watson is no more - Martyn (Back Room Moderator)
As from now, the name Chris Watson won't be accepted for posting to The Back Room.

I've tried hard to get him to see reason, but to little avail. And I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But now he has contacted another Back Room contributor via the forum and used offensive and abusive language. I can't let that go.

Sorry, CW, you had your chance.

Re: Chris Watson is no more - yddap

Peace at last
(I rarely post but the infois v useful ---Except--)
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Chras Witson
Its just like when the class clown is kept back a year at school. You miss his jokes, but get on with more work.
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Was Chrisone
Hi Jonathon

Were you Chris too?
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Kris Watson (no relation)
Shame. He was a wazzock, but he was good value. No need for offensive stuff, though. Actually, if this had been a real pub conversation, he would have been flattened by now.

Re: Chris Watson is no more - Sandy
Oh, dear!

I was waiting to hear about the Griffin engined Trabant.

Still, there are a lot of names in any directory, Chris......
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Martyn (Back Room Moderator)
Now don't you be giving the lad ideas, Alex!
Re: How do we visualise Chris - Sandy
Who's Alex?
Re: How do we visualise Chris - Sandy
There again.....

I never made it into the medical profession, courtesy of Gray's Anatomy, attention deficiency, and an overwhelming interest in fast cars (I was the only owner of the Lonsdale Library Book of Motor Racing at school circa 1943, when those best thought of seemed only interested in getting their heads blown off for an Empire which I dearly loved but could foresee being destroyed in revenge for the burning of what necessarily became the White House - but I digress.....).

Anyway, my father was of a little eminence in psychiatry (the "p" is soft as in bath) in the West of Scotland and among other things had at one time the privilege of giving the first lecture each year to Glasgow University Medico-Chirurgical Society, with voluntary appearances and presentation by some instructive, and indeed entertaining, patients. (One of whom used to cut my hair, and if he were ever tempted by my throat, resisted.)

At one of these occasions (I was there) an earnest, Manchester Guardian reading, sort of youth asked what right anyone had to confine these poor souls - "anyone" meaning the authorities, the citizenry at large and at the coal face my poor father.

He thought just for a second and answered "Because there are more of us"!

I do not think he really meant that, but it let him get on with the presentation.

I can see an analogy to the banning of Chris.

And now me?

Cheers from Sandy
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Was Chrisone the third
Have you not got anything better to do?
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Mark
What a shame

I hoping to book in at his new premises for a full service.

as ever


wibble wibble
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Chris Watson
i'm back!
Re: Chris Watson is no more - Andrew Hamilton
I had not realised how all the posts were so closely monitored. Guess I was lucky not to have been banned after making cruel remarks about caravans!
Re: How do we visualise Chris - Alvin Booth
When we speak to someone we don't know on the telephone we often have a visualisation of the person such as age and background.
The same applies I suppose on this forum.
I see Chris as about 18 years of age, rather puny with few friends.
He probably helps out in a garage or perhaps works there. Probably gets bullied a little by his boss but is interested in cars.
Has got an old Lada and his main source of reading would be Motor Trader or similar and has a fertile imagination for innovations.
No interest in girls and likewise as his conversation probably would centre around supercharged Lada's and Trabant's.
Is probably in the adolescent stage where he wants to join the grown up world but is not yet quite up to it.
I could of course be a hundred miles away from the truth and he is a F1. hot shot mechanic who is having a good laugh at us.
My apologies Chris if I'm wrong.
Would I make the grade as an FBI profiler?????
Re: How do we visualise Chris - christopher watson
i use to do the whiskey runs in the 1960's, i started when i was 20 years old, and that was in 1963. the rules were never stop, just keep on going, if the police try to pull you over DONT stop, alot of the vans had no registration, so the vehicle cant be traced.
Cruelty to caravanners - Darcy Kitchin
Don't worry Andrew, your card is marked.
Re: How do we visualise Chris - Paul
Who's Chris Watson?
Re: How do we visualise Chris - WebSearch
Telephone: 0191 258 5572
Street: 4 Lovaine Avenue
Town: North Shields
Postcode: NE29 0BX

4 Lovaine Avenue, North Shields, Tyne And Wear, NE29 0BX
Re: How do we visualise Chris - christopher watson
how did this guy get my details???
Re: How do we visualise Chris - Paul
and indeed, who's Martyn -what's his role in all this and where's HJ?
Re: There are more of them - Mary Longford
Well I never, surely not!
Re: How do we visualise Chris - Andrew Hamilton
If anyone wants to trace people I suggest trying
You have to register but get 20 free Electoral roll and Directory searches/month. So better than as directory only!
I was intrigued by the details above and by first searching for C Watson and then specifying road you get complete household details of the people who live there.
Guess the search by 'Websearch' was to the relevant motoring club!
Re: Chris Watson is no more - chris w@tson
he started it, he called me a wassock.
Muppets and Puppets - Independent Observer
Perhaps if, following the welcome to guests to air their views and opinions, there was an explanatory note as to how to qualify to post non-technical, non-car, non-motoring, off-topic, sexist, rude, boring and boorish, etc "contributions", not to mention banning requests (instructions?); and how to qualify to receive insults and bans, especially post self-defence to boorish, vulgar, rude, and worse attacks, by people who aren't interested in the "contributions" of anyone but themselves, but who, nevertheless, insist on not only reading, but rudely replying to, every contributor and post that they do not wish to read, or even see, never mind *have* to reply to......................
Oh dear.... - Micky
...has someone upset you then? I can't be absolutely certain because your one sentence post was somewhat confusing. Perhaps it's just me?


I'm bored - Guy Lacey
This is getting dull and totally off the point.

It's no wonder the *serious* contributors such as DW, DL and Tune-Up (amongst others) seem to have switched off. I know b*gger all but try my best and even I'm getting turned off by CW and the like.

Let's get back to it. Use it or lose it boys.

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