Pug 306 Brake problems - Rob E
I have a 99T Peugeot 306 meridian which has done a little over 31K. For the last thousand miles or so, when driving the car on a slight bend (under 1/8 steering wheel turn to the left) I am getting a whistling sound from what appears to be the brakes.

The whistling stops when,
a) I gently touch the brake pedal
b) the car straightens up

There is also squealing from the brakes on normal braking. On a previous service I had asked for this to be checked but was told this is usual for the non-asbestos pad compound and some anti-squeal paste was applied.

I have had a brief look at the front pads (without removing wheels) and there doesn't appear to be any excessive pad wear.

If it is brake pad related, can I get the pads changed to a non-squeal compound?
If it is the discs, will they need replacing?

I'd be grateful for any advice on these problems.


Re: Pug 306 Brake problems - Piers
The brake disk is rubbing on the pad, causing the whistling noise. As it's only happening under a cornering load this suggests that the disk is being moved relative to the pad / caliper. The disk is connected to the hub and that is connected to the strut via bearings and the stub axle - and the caliper is connected to the strut. Possible bearing wear or stub axle wear. Get the bearings checked - torqued up correctly and wobble tested!

I had this on a RWD Escort and it was a slightly worn front wheel bearing, only just detectable wheel rock.

Re: Pug 306 Brake problems - Rob E
Thanks Piers.

I've had a bearings related problem before on a N reg Clio, the symptoms being a moaning sound on cornering. Feedback from the mechanic at the time was bearings rarely go nowadays because they are sealed units.

I will get the car looked this weekend and post back details.


Re: Pug 306 Brake problems - Ash Phillips
Sticking slides on the caliper which causes a pipe to push the pads onto the disc when under a slight twisting load? BXs do the same thing when the (front wheel) handbrake is incorrectly adjusted.

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