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We have a 98,000miles Land Rover Disco with the slow 2.0 16valve MPi engine (I think this is the same as an 820i Rover) - the other day it refused to rev at all - but would idle ok. A local dealer suggested valve stick may be the cause so having tried the rover delaers 'trick' of feeding neat injector cleaner through a small vacume pipe we now have an engine thats better - but still not right! It will now idle fine and rev if the throttle is opened very slowly, but any stabs on the throttle cause the engine to splutter and misfire severely. It is running so badly it wont pull the vehicle at all. We have fitted new plugs correctly gapped, and are at a loss what to do next... any suggestions (short of scrapping it!)
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David Lacey or one of the Tune-Up gang will undoubtedly have a good answer, but here's mine. The symptoms nearly match a problem experienced on an old Citroen CX. The flywheel sensor failed and the engine went into what the garage described as fail-safe mode i.e. it just ran at tickover (to power the hydraulics and ancillaries). Replacing the sensor restored it to running order, apart from the turbo which I destroyed when putting it on the recovery trailer, but that's another story ...
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... which we'd all like to hear.

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Post of 19.06.01 "Simmering Turbos"

painful or what?
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This vehicle (if it is in decent condition otherwise) strikes me as a perfect candidate for a diesel conversion. Lots to choose from - get hold of one of the specialist Land Rover magazines and find out what is available. I'm surprised to find an MPi of that age still with its original motor - surely most have been dieselised by now?

Or if you want petrol power, drop in a Land Rover V8 together with an LPG conversion. What I would not do is spend any significant amounts of money on sorting out your MPi engine - as it stands this is the least desirable of all the Discovery variants, and the only buyers I can imagine queuing up to buy it are people planning to put a diesel engine in it. Bizarrely, you might actually get a better response if you advertised it as a non-runner......
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Good idea, but the rest of the truck is tired and frankly doesn't merit having a nice diesel lump, besides there are a few other MPi's round here with a load more miles on than this one. Perhaps we will have to take the head off and sort the valves. but I was hoping there may be a common fault causing this with the injection (which, lets face it, is not going to be top quality on a rover unit). heres hoping!
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To anyone who may be interested or is experiencing similar problems - we have now got the old disco running - the problem was the fuel pump (located in the fuel tank) which although pumping was not producing anything like the pressure required.

Amazingly, against all the odds (its an mpi!) the thing now goes rather well, with more pull from very low revs than the 300tdi (no turbo lagggg) and doesnt seem to thirsty.

Its still rubbish though.

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