CD's from rear view mirror - GroovyChick{P}
Can anyone help me please?

I've just driven from South Yorkshire to Manchester and whilst sitting in traffic, at two separate places, I have seen two vehicles with CD's hanging from their rear view mirror.

Have I missed something? A new trend perhaps??

Apart from the fact that I thought it was very dangerous, the sun was very low and all I could think about was the glaring dazzle that could come from one of these things, why on earth would you want to dangle a CD from there or anywhere else in your car!!?

CD's from rear view mirror - Flat in Fifth
GC the theory is this.

Plod scans your car with a laser speed gun because he thinks you are speeding. Light from the laser impinges on the CD disc and is scattered back to the gun and gives a false reading.

Doesn't work. There isn't sufficient light scatter on the outgoing beam.

CD's from rear view mirror - GroovyChick{P}
Thanks for the info. I did think it was a little strange that I'd not seen it before and then to see it twice in one journey. That's why I was puzzled.

CD's from rear view mirror - Pugugly {P}
This featured in a controlled experiment that we conducted under the observation of the Police and a borrowed Laser Hand Held unit. I didn't work, it involved aiming the gun at asimilarly dangled CD and looking for errors in speed recording....they were accurate. We all had a go, never was so much fun had in work time.
CD's from rear view mirror - andymc {P}
"I didn't work ..."
I knew working in law was money for nothing, but there's no need to rub our noses in it.
CD's from rear view mirror - Pugugly {P}
whoops the secret's out !
CD's from rear view mirror - Algernon
I would hardly expect to be told that it did work, especially if it did!
CD's from rear view mirror - Wales Forester
Maybe it does work and there's some reverse psychology going on here??!!



CD's from rear view mirror - Kuang
In certain parts of Leicester you'll often see lots of muslim drivers with these CDs hanging up, but they're overprinted with script and often decorated with tassels - I'd always assumed that the CD was just being used as a decorative base.

CD's from rear view mirror - helicopter

The muslims CD's are copies of the Koran which they have on the same basis as other people have holy medals , St Christophers etc dangling from the mirror.

Its quite common to see these on Land Cruisers in the Gulf states about three inches fom your exhaust.

They don't have any speed traps out there so my guess is they don't deflect lasers - but is this reverse reverse psychology....
CD's from rear view mirror - fordfan
half the cars and other vechicles in Morocco have the Cds hanging for the reason stated in an earlier comment (radar)

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