Focus Diesel Td vs TdCi - nickd01
Does anyone know when a Focus Diesel was first released? I've seen a W reg 1.8 Ghia TD for sale with 72k on it.
Is this the TDci I've heard that's so good, or, an older diesel that I'm best off avoiding?
Can anyone supply a list / link that tells me when the diesels were released for the Focus?
Focus Diesel Td vs TdCi - RichardW
See HJ's Car-by-car. Diesel available from launch - but it was the Endura based TDDi. Not great, but not awful either. TDCi available from 2002 - more power and supposedly better engine, but problems with early engines with the high pressure pump.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Focus Diesel Td vs TdCi - kithmo
My partner has just bought a 2002 Focus CL (basic model) with the TDDi engine and it goes like a rocket. If this is what the 90ps diesel pulls like the 115ps TDCi must be phenomenal. The only disappointment is the economy on the very short journeys she does (many less than a mile), she only gets 37 mpg. I don't think the TDCi (with its extra 25ps) justifies the extra £2000 on the price of the new and nearly new focusses, I'd have a TDDi any day.
Focus Diesel Td vs TdCi - blank
TDCi is kind of fun, but the power curve is VERY peaky, so you really have to row the gears to get anything like maximum performance. that done, it really is quite fast, though when the performance is used it becomes quite noisy.

TDDi is also typically turbo-diesel peaky, but nothing like the TDCi. It is also less refined and less powerful, but more than adequate for most purposes IMO.

TDCi returned over 40mpg when I used it very hard for 200 miles.


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