Premium increase on vehicles mods - jc33
Does anyone have any idea roughly how much my insurance might go up if I modify my car to make it go a bit faster? I was thinking of a few tweaks (like changing the air filter) to 'up' the BHP a bit but not by a stupid amount. It is currently a group 15 and I have a clean licence with no accidents ever (touch wood). Cheers.

Premium increase on vehicles mods - daveyjp
Impossible question to answer as the response can be anything between nothing to total refusal to cover, it depends on the insurance company. Best advice is give the company a call and ask them, some need to know how much increase in power there will be (but this can be flawed as they ask for it in percentage terms).
Premium increase on vehicles mods - oldtoffee
I researched along these lines and found several BR threads recommending Liverpool and Victoria Insurance who quoted me zero increase on a 20 bhp increase on my 90bhp Picasso turbo diesel using a tuning box. Not the most difficult decison to make!

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