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Ok, again I admit I am seeing Britain through the BBC?s eyes (I have been to the UK in real life once). But this show has me mesmerized! I know it?s obviously fiction, but if even the smallest aspects are realistic it?s very different than the USA. It?s funny too because I was in the UK to attend a business meeting in Slough!! :) Because of that this show has really caught my eye! There was a Scottish girl in that Slough office I visited that was quite flirtatious with me also lol! Wow I love ?The Office?!!

Am I allowed to post things like this that are not car related?

Sorry if not but......

The Office! - No Do$h
I'm sure you once mentioned seeing a car in Swindon, so we'll let this pass on this occassion, but I'm making the thread Read Only to stop everyone jumping on the paper delivery lorry, er, I mean bandwagon.


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