Airport parking - Update - SjB {P}
Over time, there have been a number of threads about airport parking, and I hope I can add something useful here.

Having been let down at the eleventh hour with our travel arrangements to LHR tomorrow, my wife and I will instead drive to the airport, so I needed to find some parking info, pronto.

I started off by going to simply to find details of car park operators away from the airport perimeter to try and save some dosh, and found that in fact not only can you pre-book parking with the main operators at any BAA operated airport via this web site, but you save a real wad in the process. If you're uneasy with booking over the web, simply telephone 0870 0001 0001 instead.

We booked at Pink Elephant LHR, which being the closest is the most expensive, but I know where it is having used it countless times before, and if we get caught in traffic en route, it has the shortest onwards transit time. Cost? £68 for seven and a half days instead of £144 if we just turned up. The cheapest was £56 for the penalty of a longer bus transit.

How does it work?

You pay via credit card in advance, so on return, simply quote your name and booking reference number to the attendant instead of swiping the ticket. They will check that the name matches that on the reservation, and that your car has the same registration mark as that booked, and away you go.
Airport parking - Update - SjB {P}
<<< simply telephone 0870 0001 0001 instead >>>

Correction: Simply telephone 0870 0001 000 instead, and then press 1 for the pre booking option.

That's what comes of reading back the last number dialled!
Airport parking - Update - jeds
Did anybody see the story around Bristol International Airport last week. Local farmers have taken to offering parking with a mini bus service to the terminal. The airport complained to the local authority which took swift action to close them all down. Airport parking is £12.00 per day the farmers were offering £4.00 per day. I bet they're not as swift when joe public complains about something.
Airport parking - Update - Welliesorter
When I was looking into parking at Stansted a few months ago I noticed that Bishops Stortford Football Club offers parking aimed at airport users. I seem to remember it was slightly cheaper than the on-site parking. Given the distance from the terminal building to the official Stansted car parks it probably wouldn't have taken much longer to do the transfer.
Airport parking - Update - lezer
Is the Airport not owned by a "Non British" company, which will explain why the local authority will bend over backwards to help them while telling the natives to take a hike, wheras on the continant they look after thier own and tell us to take a hike
Airport parking - Update - Flat in Fifth
agreed pink elephant is good and last time I paid £128 for 16 days, which considering its as close to the airport as it is, ie north runway other side of the chain link fence was good value I thought.

£128 was the maximum charge even for a month IIRC maybe its gone up.

(car gets covered presumably in kerosene fumes though, so a good clean of the windscreen before setting off is advisable)
Airport parking - Update - pdc {P}
(car gets covered presumably in kerosene fumes though

Same thing, I know, chaps, but let's get the terminology right. Avtur.
Airport parking - Update - pafosman
A few months ago I used Purple Parking (heathrow), I was impressed with their car parking and travel to airport arrangements & the price. Was slightly less impressed with their returning service which seemed a little tedious. This time round I decided to use their 'meet & greet' service to save time. Unfortunately this does not start until 05.00 which is the same time as my check-in. A bit too close for comfort for me, so have chosen pink elephant because of its proximity. On-line booking quote was £51 for 5 days. My local travel agent booked it for me at the same price.

You pays your money etc.
Airport parking - Update - bugged {P}
I am lucky enough to work at Stansted airport and therefore when i go away can park in my workplace carpark for free and under camera when im on holiday!

In a couple of the local villages some of the people who live there do some sort of private parking thing where they look after your car on their driveway while you're away and give you a lift to the airport not sure how you would stand legally if something happened to the car but seems quite good.

Airport parking - Update - DieselBoy
When flying from Manchester, I use a place called Clough Bank. They're reasonably cheap and very friendly, and come out in their minibus when you call them from the baggage belt, so there's minimal delay. It's a farm, but judging from the amount of cars in the field, farming isn't their main source of income!
Airport parking - Update - Ivor E Tower
In the 1990's I used to fly regularly from Heathrow. I always used Stor-a-car in Harlington High Street, 5 minute drive from T1,2 and 3.
No connection with them other than as a satisfied customer - and my Dad used to use them before me; that's how I found out about them.
Hope that they are still going.
Airport parking - Update - John Shelton
Im flying from Stansted airport this month adn was wondering where to park and who to contact about parking arrangements and cost. Is there a BAA helpline etc? Im only going for a couple of days, but dont want to be stung for charges.
Airport parking - Update - Welliesorter
Im flying from Stansted airport this month adn was wondering where
to park and who to contact about parking arrangements and cost.
Is there a BAA helpline etc? Im only going for a
couple of days, but dont want to be stung for charges.

There's info on the BAA web site at

See also for the Bishops Stortford option.

I seem to remember discovering that the on site parking was actually more expensive to book in advance if you don't arrange it sufficiently far ahead. The car parks are convenient enough although the bus ride is longer than you might expect.

I used the Pink Elephant car park. There's a credit card payment machine in the arrivals area so you can get this over with while waiting for your luggage. If you take this option be careful not to do what I did and miss your stop on the courtesy bus. I thought I could walk back to the correct car park but they aren't set out in a particularly logical order. I eventually asked one of the Pink Elephant van drivers who trundle around for directions. He said he'd offer me a lift but he was driving an elderly man round trying to find his car. At least I'd remembered which park mine was in.
Airport parking - Update - GTLK
A few months ago I parked in the Executive (i.e. on airport) parking at Luton. I booked online and was given a fixed price. £48 I think.

Anyway, it was the time of the French strikes so we returned several hours later than expected and went over the 24 hour period. I was resigned to pay an extra day at the non web discount rate. It was therefore very pleasant to be told 'Don't worry mate - it's the same price'

Good on Luton. Pity its so far from Manchester!
Airport parking - Update - Colin M
Give this site a try:
Airport parking - Update - NARU
Another good site is
Airport parking - Update - AF
When flying out of Stanstead, I have usually just leave the car in a side street in Bishop Stortford, and get a cab to the airport.
Airport parking - Update - bugged {P}
Be carefull doing that unless you enjoy inflating your four flat tyres after a two week break at 3am!!! Locals are not so keen on this idea!!

There is a motel on the A120 that has parking, not sure how much it is but always has plenty of cars there!!!
Airport parking - Update - misterp
I have used bishop stortford fc parking.It was fine, and a good price linked through GEM website.about £5.50/day ,cheaper than pink elephant and not much further.

Value my car