Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Has a 3 cyl Corsa in the workshop for an engine change this afternoon. Nice easy job. All went swimmingly until startup. Connected the battery and noticed the central radio display lit up straight away before putting the key in, hmmmmm. Fired her up and let it run for a few minutes, no leaks, nice and quiet, great, switch off, er, it wont, even with the key out still chuntering along happily!!
Stalled it and removed batt earth. Reconnected and switched ign on all normal, switch off and all the warning lights stay on. Ran out of time to do anything else tonight.
Any thoughts gentlemen? Ignition switch prob perhaps?

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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - frostbite
Know nothing about the Corsa but wonder if it has a lazy relay somewhere? (do they still use relays?)
Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Another John H
If you've had the engine out all the electrical connectors there have been remade..

Any similar or identical connectors adjacent (crosspluggable), which carry switched and unswitched power: coolant fan (for instance) is likely to be unswitched, so the fan continues if you park up over hot.

What other connector is that connector near??

Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Civic8
Any more details on the engine ie date cc I haven`t heard this one before.but interesting
Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Sorry, engine is a 1000 cc 3 cyl, 12 valve MY 1999.
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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - DL
That is weird!!!

It's gotta be a crossed terminal, surely? Which back-feeds the clock etc explaining the instant illumination.

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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Civic8
I haven`t heard that one before.and not knowing the layout but I wonder if it is possible to connect the alternator plug in the wrong way round.I dont think it is but the sillyest of things can happen.
Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Thanks for replies guys. Going to have another look tomorrow. Thing is with this car every electrical connector is unique. There are only three connections you have to break to separate the engine loom from the main harness plus a power lead and sensing wire to the Alt and a Power lead and exciter wire to the starter. Still think it is an ignition switch or relay fault but its soooooo coincidental!!

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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - frostbite
>>its soooooo coincidental!!

It's how things happen - e.g. recently added hd to my computer, switched it on, BANG! PSU dead. Fitted new psu, fired it up, no problems.
Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Civic8
Relay sounds like the prob good luck
Corsa Wont Stop!!! - Andrew-T
What's the Corsa petrol equivalent of a stop solenoid?
Corsa Wont Stop!!! - John S

On the Vauxhalls, the aux circuits stay on when you turn the key back past the aux position to off, unlike most other cars. This means the radio etc keeps playing 'till you pull out the key. My guess is that the ignition switch could be playing up and had also left the main circuits connected.


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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - KevDGill
You can also turn radio, lights etc on with the key out (on my Astra at least), although the radio stops after an hour.

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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - none
Not much help I know, but I had a similar problem a few weeks ago with a VW caddy diesel.
I'd changed the oil and fuel filters and the front wheels were off with pads removed awaiting delivery of new one's. Started engine to check for leaks, switched off and with key out the engine was still running, and no way of stalling it. Struck by panic I disconnected the battery and the engine stopped. Reconnected and everything was ok again. Spoke to the regular driver who had had no problems - and has had none since. It's bound to happen again though.
Corsa Wont Stop!!! FIXED - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Ignition switch seemed the most likely so disconnected the multiplug off the back of the ignition barrel. Jumped from the pos feed to the switch to the ignition supply from the switch and same result. Disconnected and remade both of the plugs to the ECU and problem went away. Can only assume that when the old engine was removed and pressure washed the connector to the ECU got wet.This may have resulted in a short between two adjacent pins or a bad earth.
Thanks for your suggestions everyone.

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Corsa Wont Stop!!! FIXED - Altea Ego
You never mentioned pressure washing in your previous posts!!!!

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Corsa Wont Stop!!! - henry k
engine to check for leaks, switched off and with key out
the engine was still running, and no way of stalling it.
Struck by panic I disconnected the battery and the engine stopped.

I do not know about these oil burners or new fangled cats but there was an easy solution in the old days. A size 9 over the tail pipe soon stopped it.
As kids, we used a spud to the same effect. This was a cheap way of getting revenge on anyone. Engine would start but not run for long causing much head scratching by the owner and they rarely looked at the opposite end to the engine.

Can someone comment on this approach as I suspect some damage would be caused to engines with Cats. Oil burners too?

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