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I've been reading this forum for a few months now but never posted, its a fantastic wealth of knowledge on all things motor related. Congrats to all who make it what it is!

Anyway, I seem to remember a month or two back someone was asking where to obtain certain screwdriver heads for various screw types. Today I purchased a 101 piece set for £8.99, Not sure if the mods will let me post the name of the large chain of discount supermarket that specialises in imported food and other items so I shall leave it at that until I get the all clear.

However the heads include:

Square recess
Metric Hex + tamperproof
Fractional Hex + tamperproof
Torx + tamperproof

Worth noting I am not affiliated with the store or manufacturer that sells these, just thought it may help someone. I hope I haven't posted anything that the mods feel is inappropriate.

101 Piece Safety Set - henry k
The list and sequence of bits is identical to the label on my set.
It is amazing how these things travel.
I bought my set, a month ago, in Capetown at Pick and Pay which is like Tescos. It was so cheap I do not recall the price but probably about £6. Ian from Capetown will probably confirm the price for anyone venturing South.
I will keep a look out for them elsewhere in the UK.

Robert Dyas chain has bargains like this.
I bought a 1/4 & 3/8 socket set. Ratchet drive and about 30 socket for THREE pounds.
Use it once and it owes you nowt.

Maplin are selling Multimeters for THREE pounds and I thought they were cheap at the previous £6.
101 Piece Safety Set - Nsar
Same goes for ALDI - they're knocking out a GPS/PDA with European roads database for £349 - you can register on the site to be updated with their weekly offers by email. Not motoring related but I tried their own-brand Pimms quite a bit over the summer - just as good as the real thing at one third the price.
I have no connection etc..
101 Piece Safety Set - hillman
Be careful of THREE pound multimeters, or even £6. One of my workmates used one on the mains, within its measuring range. It blew up in his face and nearly blinded him. All multimeters should be tested in accordance with British Standards and carry the CE mark.
101 Piece Safety Set - none
I Agree with Hillman. A mate of mine (market / car boot trader) bought a box of multimeters - mains testers that had a couple of LED's - red and green. We followed the badly translated instructions VERY carefully and found that in the mains testing mode the green LED lit every time, whether or not the circuit was live or dead. According to the instructions, green meant that the circuit was safe to work on, and red meant that it was live.
Needless to say he dumped them, but I dare say that similar stuff is on sale somewhere.
101 Piece Safety Set - 8 ball
I was always told by my dad never to buy cheap tools i.e. cheap and nasty, unbranded or never-heard-of name of manufacturer. He said they would be made of liquorice. Having assembled the main part of my toolkit with affordable decentish stuff like Draper I couldn't resist buying some really cheap bits and bobs (centre punches etc) from a discount store. Guess what happened when I used them. Correct, they WERE made of liquorice! A waste of time & money. I notice the mechanics where I work use Snap On Tools; I borrowed some one day and was amazed at their precision and handling characteristics - a pleasure to use. I reckon in this life you get what you pay for (and sometimes not even then). However, I am open to being convinced my paternal advice is not valid these days. Perhaps tools have moved on since the 1980's when I last did side-of-the-road car repairs.
Happy spannering. 8 ball
101 Piece Safety Set - doctorchris
I have used my £3 Lidl multimeter on 240V and it did not blow up, it simply read 238V or thereabouts.

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