Renew Warranty? Or not? - rg

Twelve months of uneventful life with a '97 Citroen XM have elapsed. What a wonderful machine!

I resent having to pay £250.00++ for a renewed warranty, which means I would need to have my oil changed by the local indie.

But I do fear something very expensive going bang or just ("silence") on my '97 2.5. Steering ram? ECU? HP pump?

But, there again, the definitions of "mechanical failure" made by Warranty Holdings are restricted to things actually breaking. Snapping, falling in half. So they may weasel out of any potential claim.

So, to renew or not renew?

Thoughts, anyone?


Renew Warranty? Or not? - Civic8
I don`t think it`s a bad idea to renew as parts are xpensive for is down to the supplier though on what the insurance covers ie if it is a part that isnt covered it is poss
if you are nice to them they may repair and put it down to something else it is common place for this to happen but I did`nt say that.but it doe`s go on to keep the customer happy.As you know a reputable garage will want your custom.If you don`t get the result`s you go elsewhere.And don`t forget that company will warrant the car at other places
Renew Warranty? Or not? - v0n
What is your car's mileage?
Renew Warranty? Or not? - rg
Renew Warranty? Or not? - v0n
Try third party warranty suppliers, like
for example. Get a quote and compare it to the level of cover you have now. If it's similar and/or cheaper you know you can always get it later...
Renew Warranty? Or not? - rg

Thanks for the recommendation.

I have looked at the site and obtained a quote which seems far cheaper than my current policy, and cheaper than the quotes given by the HJ-recommended company.

What am I missing here? Do you have any further knowledge or experience of them?

It is notable that they do not specifically list items covered. I suspect that there are numberous exemption clauses...

Renew Warranty? Or not? - v0n
I can't say I have any experience with this particular firm, one of my cars I own is under generic "DriveAssured" garage warranty, which at the end of the day turned out to be just another trading name of Warranty Holdings (all roads lead to Rome, eh?). Second hand dealers have very generous deals with warranty providers, and I know for sure they usually get half or more of what they quote you for a cover. But I also know that if I wanted to buy separate cover, from WH it would be almost £100 more expensive than what I paid for it originally and would have all these mileage and maximum values clauses.

People often say a lot bad things about extended warranties and maze of exclusions - I can't complain really, so far within 6 months my cover paid for entire engine replacement, cooling pump, new gaskets and power steering system (I know, I know, but it's a French car you see). They probably spent more than a car is worth paying for labour charges alone. So, for me, extended warranties so far are worth every single penny.

Easy Cover does list parts and items covered (for example - and their quotes are quite competitive. Any of Backroomers have any experience with them?
Renew Warranty? Or not? - eMBe {P}
If you want a warranty, another one to check out is

Personally, I have a fund (you can set up within a virgin-oneaccount or barclays-openplan type account) to self-insure many of my possesions.
Renew Warranty? Or not? - BeRudeNotTo
On balance, my dear sir, I would say it should be worth extending even at that mileage. But £250 sounds steepo.

Haven't XMs for all their silkiness got wierdo brakes and suspenders to? The most important thing (even if bleedin' obvious) is PERLEEZ read the small print about exclusions/ maximum values VERY CAREFULLY before you buy. Good luck anyway!

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