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Recently had my new vehicle front windscreen replaced and the weatherstrip was place back by using the black colour sealant to seal the windscreen. Need to glue back since the original clips-on on the strips need to be remove when replacing the windscreen.

Found that the edge of the weather strips not adhere properly and I use some UHU multipurpose glue to the underside of the strips to get the strips adhere to the glass/body better.

Question is, does this glue contain any harmful element that may cause rust or contaminate the paintwork after some time. As some glue inhibits rust to metal parts.

Does UHU multipurpose adhesive harm - Dizzy {P}

It's a long time since I used UHU but seem to remember that it is solvent-based so it has the potential to harm paintwork. However, any harm would probably depend on the type and age of the paint, e.g. the old cellulose paints would be easily melted by the glue.

To answer your specific question regarding future damage, if the glue didn't damage the paint when it was applied I wouldn't have thought there would be any damage in the future because the harmful solvents will have evaporated and all that will be left is a plastic of some kind.
Does UHU multipurpose adhesive harm - Dynamic Dave
I've previously used Evo-Stick Impact Adhesive to stick exterior trim back on with no ill effects to the paintwork.
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If this is the windscreen on a Peugeot 306 then take the car back to the replacement company, the trims (not a weatherstrip) clip into place with the bur edge on the body and a groove in the back of the trim, it does not need to be stuck down. The trims may require replacement but if they were stuck down before replacement of the screen then it would have been almost impossible for the technician to save the trim.
Does UHU multipurpose adhesive harm - maru
THank you.

It was on a new paintwork, metallic silver. Would not be able to see it now as the glue sits under the trim.

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