306 questions! - was8v
Just bought a 130k 1.4i 306 xr, 1993. The things i've not been able to sort out myself are as follows:

1. gear lever has lots of play - is this likely to be just the linkage bushes or something more costly?

2. Clutch is stiff to engage/disengage - is this just a dirty cable do you think?

3. There is a plastic arm hanging off the offside front suspension, attached by (knackered) ball joints to a bar that runs to the other side off the car, connected to a similar plastic bit and the front suspension, is this part of the anti roll bar setup?

4. Speedo doesn't work - I take it this model has a cable speedo since everything else stil works, are there any recommendations for taking the dash off, since I hear lots of swearing may be involved!

5. This being my first own car, can any other 306 owners recommend any particular budget tyres?

ta, will.
306 questions! - solara
1.gear lever play: possibly bushes
2.Stiff clutch: common complaint. run a search and youll find lots more on this topic. New clutch cable may help, but will probably stiffen with time.
3.anti-roll bar: yes, this is the anti-roll bar link rods. Fairly easy to replace. Previous owner probably did this as a workaround to sell the car! Otherwise I'm sure you would have heard the knocks.
4.Speedo-cant commaent haven't had to do mines
5.Tyres: Personal choice really. Depends on mileage and type of driving you do. I've always had budget tyres fitted. Never came across the same brand twice!
306 questions! - SjB {P}
Stiff clutch: I'll save you a trip to the Car By Car Breakdown: The in-line self adjuster is close to the exhaust manifold, and the grease dries out. Eventually, not only does it get stiff to operate, but it stops self adjusting too.

On my wife's 1.8 306, the genuine Pug part was just over 30 quid, I recall, and was easy peasy to fit, if a little time consuming because of the number of bits and pieces that had to be removed to gain access. Took a couple of hours at a leisurely pace, and worked first time.
306 questions! - Hawesy1982
Excessive play in gear lever - check the linkage setup between gearstick and gearbox is all correct, and re-grease the balljoints while you're at it

Stiff Clutch - cable drying out is a known problem so quite possibly that

Anti-roll bar drop links - these are *very* common faults, get a pair of new ones for £9.50 each from German Swedish & French car parts, very easy to fit only four nuts involved
306 questions! - was8v
ok thanks everyone, i'll pick up a new clutch cable and anti roll bar drop links later.

A couple of q's:

would a new clutch cable include the self adjuster?
do the new anti roll bar drop links come with new ball joints?

The play is in the gear linkage - do you think i should replace every bushing on it or would it just be the one one the gear lever itself?

ta, Will.
306 questions! - solara
Check your old clutch cable, as some are not self-adjusting (manually adjustable). You should be able to check the clutch lever to see if there is an adjustment locknut there.
Yes it does come with self-adjuster if applicable.
Yes new drop links come with ball joints. There are two types metal or plastic. Might also want to try Neat Autos for pug spares (www.parts4peugeot.com).
306 questions! - Mikey Jay
I would strongly advise against fitting budget tyres to any car.I've used them in the past and will never ever use them again. Most of them are not fully braced,don't handle or steer as well and they can be difficult to balance too. You can get quite good deals in tyres in the most unexpected places. I found a local garage in Sussex who fitted excellent Vredestein tyres on my Honda Prelude at a very reasonable price. The budget tyres I used before were total crap compared with the Vredesteins.You could try tyres online. Regards Mikey
306 questions! - DL
As far as a budget tyre goes, Hankook gets my seal of approval.

groups.msn.com/honestjohn - Pictures say a thousand words.....
306 questions! - was8v
update -

I took the speedo cable out, and it seems fine, the actual speedo is fine, I tried connecting the cable to the gear box and moving the car and the cable doesn't spin. It would seem the speedo drive or something in the gear box is at fault. I'm going to remove the speedo drive later as detailed in the haynes manual and pray it is not something in the gearbox thats at fault!

ta, Will.
306 questions! - leeboy
having the same problems with my brothers. Speedo didn't work, sloppy gear linkage and clutch problem. The good news is the gear linkage problem turned out to be just a worn washer. I've been told the speedo/ clutch problem could be due to a knackered gearbox (does yours pull to the right when driven). If so chances are it could be the box. I'm having this checked out at the moment by a mechanic. If you got sorted let me know,
306 questions! - Andrew-T
How does a knackered gearbox make a car pull to one side?
306 questions! - was8v
Update - removed speedo drive from gearbox, appears this is at fault since the cog will spin but doesn't turn the square bit that drives the cable. Quoted 72 quid for a replacement from peuygeot, seems a bit steep! any ideas where I can get one from cheaper?

no car doesn't pull to one side.
306 questions! - Andrew-T
306 questions! - Hawesy1982
Or german swedish and french, as i mentioned above (apologies if they are somehow linked to Andyspares by the way). They may well have a depot near you, where you can collect to save the £7.50+ delivery.
306 questions! - leeboy
something to do with the diff ive been told by a couple of mechanics,i find it hard to bevilve to.
306 questions! - was8v

1. Play in gear linkage sorted by replacing front most bush (under air box).

2. Clutch still stiff but i\'ve not had thae cable off yet. - would a stiff clutch cable make the clutch wear faster?

3. New anti roll bar drop link sorted for a tenner.

4. Speedo fixed with new speedo drive unit, 46 ex vat! quid from peugeot parts. Old one appears to have worn inside.


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