- Joe 90
i am about to place a order with and i was wondering if anyone out there knew anything about them? - Colin M
If it's any help, "whois" has the domain registered to :

Dave Schofield
Oracle Cars
Unit 3 Green Lane
Stockport SK6 3JG

Same as their trading address on the website. - Nsar
I checked them out with Stockport trading standards who said they hadn't had any complaints. We ended up delaying the purchase so didn't place the order, but I felt comfortbale with them and would have done so. - Armitage Shanks{P}
The rules of the site are such that if anyone had anything seriously degogatory to say about this organisation they either would not post it, or it would be 'moderated' fairly quickly, all of which is right and proper. The site hardly breaks even financially and could not bear the costs of a legal bust-up with an aggrieved businessman. - Phidman
I bought a Galaxy throught The service was fine, delivery made when estimated and saved almost 20% vs buying from Ford. They also offered an excellent p/ex price, but I subsequently sold the old car before the Galaxy arrived. The car was delivered by a bloke and his wife - driven from Manchester (not on a transporter). After signing all the paperwork, we called a cab and the bloke and his wife left.
The logbook arrived a couple of weeks later.

The way I justified the risk (if there is one) at the time of the transaction was, if the deposit was paid on a credit card it would be insured and the balance wasn't paid until delivery was made. All contact is made by telephone and not over the www.

Overall the Galaxy is a fine car and I would use this company again.

Good luck - slbman
My experience was similar to Phidman's.

I purchased a Toyota Avensis T3X D4D hatch at close on 16.5% discount. My local dealer would not entertain such a dent in his profits so was happy to place the order with N-C-D, who are also local to me.

They were happy to talk to me at length, both via email and over the phone and although they were a little sketchy on the delivery date, they did deliver in the week they originally quoted.

I collected my vehicle from the N-C-D premises personally (I did not fancy it being driven very far by someone else) and was pleased with the relaxed nature of the transaction.

They gave a reasonable part ex (Glass's guide equivalent - quote fixed even though I had to wait 6 weeks for delivery - I too had the option to sell it myself) and took the trouble to show me around the car in detail before I drove off.

In all a trouble free purchase and would not hesitate recommending them to others.

Note that if you pay by banker's draft or building society cheque, they will check the details with the bank or building society. - MS
A little late replying to this thread...

I bought my 307sw from in May 2003 and had no problems.

I saved 17%

I've now driven 18500 miles in the 307sw and had no faults with the car at all :-)

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