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Mondeo V Reg 2.0 Ghia 66000 miles
Had car into Ford dealership today for service and MOT - company car.
Get car back to find that it has failed MOT due to airbag sensor which they have ordered.
However, now ABS and traction control warning light are permanently on. Dealer says this is linked to airbag problem and nothing to worry about, they will both work fine.
Other than finding a quiet road to let burn some rubber on take off / stopping, does anyone know if dealer is telling truth on this one? Or have they done something to pink fluffy dice up the electronics?
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This is total rubbish!!!The airbag system & warning light are not included in Mot test ,however the Abs system is.There is no connection between the airbag system and the abs/traction.
Mondeo Warning Lights - BobbyG
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.. failed MOT due to airbag sensor .. >>

Irrespective of whether this is part of an MOT Test or not, can someone tell me how they would test the airbag sensor?
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Have a look under the seats for some connectors (I think they may be yellow in colour) they may have inadvertantly (or purposely) disconnected them. These are the connectors for the seat belt pre-tensioners which have some connection with the same circuit as the airbags.
Mondeo Warning Lights - Dynamic Dave
has failed MOT due to airbag sensor....
now ABS and traction control warning light are permanently on....

This sounds supiciously like a breakdown in communication between the mechanic and service reception.
Mechanic notes down that there is a faulty ABS sensor; dippy Doris on service reception reads the greasy thumbed piece of paper as a faulty airbag sensor.

Come back and inform us of the final outcome when they have sorted it.

If you want to test your TC & ABS, find either some wet grass, or loose gravel.
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I assume that there were no warning lights (airbag, abs or tcs) showing before you brought the car in? If there was a fault, the car would tell you. Any fault associated with the above would have caused the relevant light to illuminate. Therefore either something died just after you dropped the car off at the dealer, or the dealer has destroyed something.

What happens to the traction control indicator light if you deliberately switch traction control off? Accelerating quickly or braking hard on a quiet and wet road should be enough to tell you whether the TCS and ABS is working.

The TCS/ABS and airbag systems are definitely totally separate.

Mondeo Warning Lights - BobbyG
Timp, normally when you switch the traction control off, then a small light on the switch lights up. When I now press the switch, nothing happens. Normally when the traction control kicks in, a warning light on the dashboard lights up - this is the warning light that is now permanently lit. The traction control is definitely not working - I tried accelerating fromn standstill on a quiet slippy road and the wheels spun constantly.

Haven't tried to check the ABS but its warning light is permanently on.

Before I took it in, no warning lights were on and certainly no indication that the airbag was faulty. Its due to go back in tomorrow for airbag sensor, I am now armed with loads of information to wuery the service guy - anything else I should be asking? In summary I have:

Airbag nothing to do with MOT
If it was faulty, a warning light would have came on
It shouldn't have any affect on the traction control or ABS anyway.

Anything else?
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The traction control is "off" when the light is "on".
Mondeo Warning Lights - Mark (RLBS)
>>The traction control is "off" when the light is "on".

Are you sure ? I vaguely remember that the traction control light flutters when the traction control is taking action ?

Mind you, I only drove it once and may well be wrong.
Mondeo Warning Lights - Dynamic Dave
I read Bobby's post as " the TC is 'off' when the light on the switch is 'on' ". But yes, when the TC is doing it's stuff, the light on the dashboard does indeed flutter.
Mondeo Warning Lights - BobbyG
Full marks to Dynamic Dave - car went back today, they were still adamant that the airbag sensor was faulty.

When I went back to collect it, got the service manager and it was the ABS sensor!!!!!

Incidentally, re the light , I meant the light on the switch, not the warning light.

Sorry if this turned out to be a red herring but thanks for all your input and advice.

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