lucky escape! - billy25
hi folks,
why don't twin-wheeled vehicles have to be fitted with gaurds behind the rear wheels?.

just had a twin-wheeled tranny-van hurl a slightly larger than fist-sized cobble at me and the missus,it smashed w/screen-but luckily didn't come through!. scared the carp out of the pair of us,by the time i'd calmed said missus down,and taped screen up, said tranny had vanished off face of the earth.
luckily, it was my friends car (D-reg carlton)we were using,and he was quite chuffed, he got a new screen and i paid him the £50 quid that his insurance would cost.
meanwhile, we had to trudge around town for an extra 41/2 hours while it was being fixed, (apparently it had to be glued?-in)and i got soaked,while missus was buying new dress.(said it was best cure for trauma!)

lucky escape! - Altea Ego
>while missus was buying new dress.(said it was best cure for trauma!)

you didnt fall for that old one did you?

lucky escape! - billy25
certainly did! (got meself some new trousers too! :-)
lucky escape! - SjB {P}
I've had the same thing happen from a twin wheeled truck, though in my case it just smashed a headlamp.

I have however had the windscreen of a previous car hit by a large bolt, whilst driving on the M4 with no other traffic around in any direction. It didn't break the glass, though did leave distinct 'helical thread' chips in it!

Checked the news that night for aircraft crashes, but none had happened!
lucky escape! - billy25
ooer spooky! a bolt from the blue!
my mate lost one a couple of years ago....kept wondering why his head kept falling off...........;-)

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