Another 306 thread! - Alfafan {P}
My son's 306 went in for an MOT today. Needed new tyre but then passed.

However, my son has noticed a small oil leak over the last few weeks, was a bit concerned about it and asked the mechanic to take a look. Mechanic's verdict? New head gasket!

Son obviously worried, so asks me. My first reaction is "get a second opinion." Further questioning reveals no evidence of oil stains on engine block, no loss of coolant, no mayonnaise under oil filler cap.

Car only does low mileage (3,500 since April), mostly shortish journeys.

What does the team think?
Another 306 thread! - RichardW
What engine, and where's the leak?

If it's only a small leak then it can probably be ignored (oil leaks are not part of the MOT - yet anyway!) - if a bit of dripping on the drive can be tolerated. Any leaks around the cambelt end of the engine should of course be investigated and fixed to avoid shortening the life of the belt.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Another 306 thread! - Ben79
Can you post a link to a picture of the leak?

Which engine is it? Whats the total mileage?
Another 306 thread! - Alfafan {P}
Sorry, it's an XSi, 75,000 miles, cam belt change at about 60k. Car is 1996 model.

Don't have facility to post picture, evidence is oil patch when car parked, plus need to top up. Leak is not heavy, just noticeable.
Another 306 thread! - owen
I've also got a small oil leak on my XSi, from somewhere near the front of the engine block. Hasn't been a big problem though, top it up every couple of months and it's fine. You need to try to find out where it's leaking from really - if there's a patch when parked, it must be leaking from somewhere as opposed to being burnt.
Another 306 thread! - Andrew-T
In a friendly world it might be nothing more than a weep from the drain plug - the copper washer gradually relaxes and it can end up only finger-tight. If it is from the head gasket, might it be worth asking a specialist to torque the head bolts? MM?
Another 306 thread! - astirl
I agree with Andrew-T. Have had the same problem with my wifes 306. Noticed small oil leak, thought the worse eg gasket etc. Turned out to be the copper washer on the drain plug had perished. Over-tightened on last oil change. Popped to halfords and bought new plug with copper washer for £3. Solved the problem - it hasn't leaked since
Another 306 thread! - solara
You are supposed to change the copper sump plug washer with every oil change. As it is compressed to form a seal. Only cost 50p.
Another 306 thread! - Alfafan {P}
It looks like the head gasket. Engine was cleaned recently and now the oil leak is evident at the top end. Second garage has confirmed this and are preparing a quote. Following recent posts, we remembered that in mid August the car lost all its coolant following a radiator failure. Car was only driven half a mile after temp gauge went into red. Could this have caused the failure?

We’re being quoted £500-£600 for the job, including cam belt replacement. Is this reasonable
Another 306 thread! - hm
I replaced the head gasket on my 306DT, it is a right pig of a job. £500 notes sounds a bit steep, but I honestly would not know, I do all the work myself.

It can be done in one day (8.00 start, 8.00 finish) by yourself, two people should easily do it.

Inadditon, with an aluminium head driving in the red probably would have caused the failure, check the quote includes the head being skimmed.

Another 306 thread! - Civic8
When you say top end is that below cylinder head or above most popular leaks are from cam/cover.rocker/box and is easily rectified Not saying it isn`t head gasket but it`s unusual espescially if it is running ok let me know

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