Japanese diesel engines - Sigma
A 108000 hp diesel engine!


Japanese diesel engines - No Do$h
Hmmm, think I'll pass on shoehorning that into my Italian Tractor (156 JTD)
Japanese diesel engines - Altea Ego
Now that is what i call an engine. Did you see what revs the maximum torque comes in at? LOL
Japanese diesel engines - Stargazer {P}
Just imagine the engine hoist required to lift the block into place in the ship! Mind you luckily it doesnt require a gear box as well...that would double the size.

Japanese diesel engines - SteveH42
I know these things drink fuel, but surely my calculations can't be right - at maximum power and using their figures, I get almost 250 litres/minute fuel consumption...

(108920 x 0.278 = 30104 lb/hour)
(30104 x 0.454 = 13667 kg/hour)
(13667 / 0.922 = 14824 lit/hour)
(14824 / 60 = 247 lit/min)

Considering a Type 22 / 23 using just their cruise engines typically only uses 20-30 litres/minute per engine (they have 2 plus 2 boost engines) then you can see just how thirsty this thing is... Also, the fuel tank on my Yaris would keep it going for all of 12 seconds...

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