LR Discovery Power Loss - DenisO
I have a 94 3.9 Auto V8 which after having the oil cooler pipes changed developed an intermitent power loss. It can happen at any speed and the revs just drop to nothing. If I hit the throttle it will pick up.
I've tried keeping the throttle in the same position and knocking the auto into neutral and immediately the engine revs dramatically.
So far I've done the following

New Distributor Cap, rotor arm and leads
New vacuum unit on the dizzy
New coil
New remote amplifier module

and it's still doing it.

When the oil cooler pipes were changed it was steam cleaned at the front of the engine bay. The car was running perfectly prior to this work.

I am desperate for some advice to sort this problem.
Please, please, please help.
LR Discovery Power Loss - nick
I reckon the steam cleaning is the curlprit. Break, clean and make every electrical connection you can find related to the engine management system, I bet water has got in somewhere. No doubt someone here can be more specific, but I bet a pound to a penny that's it.
LR Discovery Power Loss - DenisO
I think you're probably right Nick but anyone who can give advice on the most likely positions to look at would be most appreciated.
The damn thing is sending me nuts not to mention the impact on my wallet.

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