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Back from a short holiday Tuesday night and back from road-testing in Spain Friday night I've been making a lot of changes and additions to the site. Most obvious is a test of the new Volvo S40 accessed from the home page. And a new Week's best Deals. But also masses of changes and additions to Car by Car Breakdown, including the Toyota Soluna Vios, MG ZA, Gibbs Aquada, Holden Monaro, Adventura and Cross 8, VW Crossfox and Sfero, Toyota Corolla Altis, FIAT Punto Idea MPV and lots more.

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Blimey, who\'s been a busy HJ?

Where on earth did VW come up with the idea of the Crossfox? And why did they decline to call it the mildly annoyed shrew, which is a little more apt?
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Great report on the S40, cant wait to see one in the the V40 in the middle a typo?

"The new V40 will sell on looks to rival the A4 and handling to rival the 3-Series."

BTW is there any chance of more 'motoring news' in the news section rather than the endless 'best deals' and 'latest lowest price' articles.

I know these are the financial backing for the site, but it was the general motoring news that brought me into the site when it first started up. For example new model release dates monthly, car industry monthly registration totals, motoring law changes, motoring insurance innovations, major roadworks warnings.

In spite of this, this is a great site and one of the few I visit most days.

Ian L.
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Volvo are giving all new saloons an even number and estates an odd number. The new V40 is being called V50

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Let me give you the low down on the that cars offered in India:

Toyota Corolla Altis

Whats good

Lusty engine, reasonable ride, smart interior

What's bad

Handling uninvolving compared to euro Corolla's (tuned for ride comfort), well a price,

Cannot comment on the Honda Civic four door. We also get a Thai version called the Honda City based on the 93-96 civic engineered for rough conditions - strong simple suspension and electrics mounted high to avoid monsoon deluges

Whats good

Screamer of an engine esp. Vtech, slick gearbox, nice driver position, responsive handling - simple old world value. Light build but tough - built for rough roads. Great turning circle. Well weighted controls

Whats bad
Dull conservative looks , resolved with the Type Z versions makes it look more" timeless - like mercs" after 2000. Dull, spartan interiors, Vtec's fussy about type of petrol esp. at low speeds, rear legroom limited, ride a little choppy at the back. Understeer at low speeds

Sum up - a real drivers car - asian mans 3 series

This car has just be replaced by a new version which is a notchback Honda Jazz - they are taking the car a little down market for better sales volumes (check

What's good - excellent interior space, much better interiors, terrific fuel economy, 7 speed auto, engine geared for low speed torque in city. Well finished

What's bad - electric power steering lacks feel, performance more for leisurely drivers (88 bhp as opposed to the 90, 100, 110 options previously offered). No longer sporty to drive

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whoops I forgot the new Honda city looks totally dumpy with the boot attached to a Jazz front end
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Thanks Ajit for that. Be great if you could e-mail me a photo of the Honda New City. My fault. I just didn't have time to take one in Bangkok. Thanks Ian L for the typo correction. I could reprint some of the Newpress releases, but instead I incorporate the new stuff directly into car by car breakdown. The site is about best info, best deals, best chat. I don't actually remember concocting some of the news items you said I did, but I will try to include more variety in the news.

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The Monaro is just fabulous. I fell in love with it in NZ. They seem to have slapped that stupid Vauxhall V grill on it, but is better than the Pontiac GTO's nose. Absolute stunner of a car. And I hear it's a good drives as well. Wish I had a spare £28k...

Paul C
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Sorry, on re-reading my message was a little unclear....the examples were for new ideas to make the 'news' section a little more varied.

Ian L.

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