I parked next to a Corvette Z06 today - BaseRSXmanual
I?m not a huge Corvette fan but I must say it's pretty damn impressive when you see it in person. I love how they print ?405 Horsepower? in a flashy stainless steel logo on the sides lol! The air vents and bright red brake clamps look very cool. The funny thing was there was also a new Mustang Cobra R two rows over. So I got to check out some of America?s best in the same parking lot lol.

Do you have ether of these cars in the UK?
I parked next to a Corvette Z06 today - Phil G
We have the vette but it doesn't sell many because it is much worse than the competition :P It is cheap for 405 hp though.

The interior on these things is still godawful thought, looks like straight from chevy econo parts bin.
I parked next to a Corvette Z06 today - 2blackstripes
We ain't gonna sell many Z06's in the UK with gas at our prices!
It isn't pretty, it isn't a nice interior, it is a typical mass produced muslecar but.... until you have been propelled round a circuit in one by a driver who tests these creatures on that circuit, reserve your judgement.. the torque is absolutely unbelievable and the handling, even on road tyres, is incredible for an out of the box $50 grand car (as long as it has the optional suspension kit)
I want one! :-)

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