over heating/no heat - Sarb11
Mk2 golf 1.3 1990 drove home from work as normal, engine temperature gauge(in the middle) and heater working fine i.e acting normal. 30 - 40 minutes after getting home went out again this time no heat from heater and the temperature gauge stayed at past the half way mark which is not normal.

Travelled at least 10 miles and the heater did not blow warm air at all and temp guage stayed past the half way mark, normally it stays on the half way mark.

The car has had the bypass valves regarding the heater matrix recall alraeady fitted. Apart from the matrix i don't know what the problem could be.
over heating/no heat - leeboy
make sure your water level is topped up,if that does not work replace the thermostat cheap to replace about £5 to buy. Easy to fit.good luck
over heating/no heat - DL
Loss of heat from the cabin heater is the first sign of coolant loss. It is the first component to loose its supply when the coolant level drops (Usually!)

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over heating/no heat - Sarb11
thanks this was indeed the problem as i suspected last night but as the coolant was still hot i could not have a look.

Next question where could i be losing coolant from? I topped it up about 6 weeks ago and today added about 1.5 ltrs.

there are no visible signs of leaking. i suspect the matrix but again there is no water in footwells or excessive internal condensation.
over heating/no heat - leeboy
check your oil if it is a milky colour it will be the head gasket, i have a mk2 gti golf and the matrix went on me a couple of weeks ago when i was driving, hot water poured out all over the footwells,it started with a small dripping leak in passenger footwell
over heating/no heat - Dizzy {P}
check your oil if it is a milky colour it will be the head gasket >>

I would have thought that when head gaskets leak enough to lose lots of water, the leak would be between the coolant system and the cylinders rather than the oil system as this is where the greatest pressure differential occurs.

However, as M.M pointed out to me in another thread, its best to eliminate lesser leak points like radiators, hoses and hose connections before worrying if the head gasket has failed.

At the end of the day, if it does look as though the head gasket might be to blame, then a Forum Search on something like "head [and] gasket [and] pressure" should bring up postings which will help.
leaking coolant pump. - Sarb11
I think my coolant pump is leaking. Since the weekend I have added over 3 litres to the coolant system.

If the problem was the head gasket surely I'd see mayonaise under the oil cap and the oil would be a milky colour and the dipstick reading high given the amount of coolant I have added. I have got none of these symptoms thankfully.

Is it a question of just changing the seal or replacing the whole pump? What costs would I be looking at?

leaking coolant pump. - RichardW
You won't necessarily get water in the oil or vice-versa if your HG is leaking - the water may go straight into the cylinders and out the exhaust pipe. If the pump is leaking then it should be dripping when the engine is either running or stopped. It is likely that you will need to replace the entire pump, but I do not know specifics for your car. Try taking the car out for a good run and getting it properly hot, then stop the engine and have a good look/listen under the bonnet for escaping steam / water.

HG symptoms include: cooling system still pressurised when cold, bubbles rising into expansion tank when engine running, fast pressurisation (30s or so) of the cooling system from a cold start, excessive steam from the exhaust, difficult starting / rough running. You might get some, none or all!


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leaking coolant pump. - Sarb11
If water was going into the cylinders and out the exhaust pipes wouldn't I get steam out of the exhaust. I have not noticed this.

What I have noticed is the other day when looking under the bonnet after just having driven the car there was a slight ticking noise coming from the engine. I opened the pressure cap and the ticking stopped. So maybe there is a leak somewhere?

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