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I am so worried. I have 2 cars. I have had them off road for a long time. One has been off road since 18/4/2001 and the other car has been off road since 6/6/2002. But i never knew anything about sorn. DVLA haven't said anything about my cars being off road. I found out about sorn through a mate on the internet and if he hadn't of told me i still wouldn't have known. I want to declear them off road. But how since i haven't decleared them since i took them off road. They were off road b4 I got them. sorry if im not making sence.

This is what my cousin has told me to do. He said send back both log books and a letter explaining the situation saying how sorry i am, and that i had no idea, and the date when the vehicles where both off road. he said they will think better if i was 100% trueful.

if i do this will i be fined.


SORN help. - NitroBurner

I wouldn't worry about it mate. If they haven't been in touch with you before now, then all would appear to be OK.

Sit back & have a Cadbury's Caramel...
SORN help. - mdw
hi mate. :)
thanks for the responce. They haven't contacted me at all.
So how shall i fill the form in. It says a bit about when was the car off road. do I put the dates above (when i brought the car) or do i put todays date? do u think i should write a letter?
SORN help. - Doc
I wouldn't worry about it mate. If they haven't been in
touch with you before now, then all would appear to be
Sit back & have a Cadbury's Caramel...

Doing nothing is not an option as far as SORN is concerned.

Best advice is to follow DD and sent the declaration in with a covering letter.
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If they were off the road before you got them, then the previous owner should have declared SORN. Best thing you can do is toddle off down the post office and get the appropriate forms, fill them in and attach a covering letter explaining things. Don\'t send in the log books though.
I take it the log books are registered in your name and not the previous owner?

See for more info about SORN.
SORN help. - mdw
ill shall get the forms from DVLA, i wish i had ink in my printer so i could print it out [:)], just check one of the cars and the tax ran out on may 2002. so on here do i put todays date or the date it was taken off road?


matt :)
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Providing the cars are registered in your name & at your address, why do anything. The DVLA knows they are not taxed. If there was a problem, they would be onto you like a ton of bricks.

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So if the vehicles are registered in your name and address, how come you haven't read the notice and leaflet with the bits about SORN in big letters on the RFL reminder "letters"???

I can only conclude that a) you don't get any reminders as the cars are not registered to you, b) you throw the reminders in the bin without opening them or c) the previous owner declared SORN and also you haven't registered the vehicles in your name as the DVLA would have started sending you reminders if you had, irrespective of whether the previous owner had declared SORN.

Sorry if that sounds a bit rude!

What are the make/model and ages of these vehicles anyway?

SORN help. - mdw
hi LD.

I just looked through my log book and found the bit about sorn in that small leaflet. I wish i noticed that sooner [:(].
They are a ford fiesta and a BMW 318. The log book says the cars in my name, but i haven't had any reminders at all, or tax reminders. In fact I hardly get mail from anyone so id notice if i get a letter.

I agree, I am really silly not seeing the leaflet.

BTW im 19, and i haven't driven a car since i passed my driving test, been saving up the ins for ages to get the BM on the road. which will cost me 2000 3rd party.
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I don't know if nitroburner is just being funny or really means what he said.
mdw - Anyway, you go ahead and declare SORN assuming the previous owner had not done so. As DD said, get the forms from your Post Office. And if you need help, go to Citizens Advice Bureau for help.


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