Omega Maintainance Costs - quattroboy
Hi Guys,
Wish I had discovered this site & forum before I bought my 3.0 V6 Omega Elite Estate Auto :)
Anyway, I have the "old girl" for 3 years now (Registered Nov 1995 but 1996 Spec "N" Reg) and have spent an arm and a leg keeping it on the road!
It's done 110K now and had 43K on the clock when I bought it in Oct 2000. (Fully validated mileage and very low at the time for a 6 year old car ex Network Q plus one elderly owner)
The Omega now belongs to "she who must be obeyed" and will be doing less than 10K a year while I have gone to a 1998 Audi A4 1.9 Tdi quattro Avant. Wow............ 50 mpg...ish from low to high 20's.......... very refreshing :D
Things that have been done in that 3 Year Period in no particular order -
1-Timing Belt Kit @ 80K - £365.00
2-New ECC "Switch/Regulator" The Big 3 Dial Controller - £413.00
3-Multi Function Display Unit - £273.00
4-Coolant Leak & Oil Leak Repairs - (Heater Valve, Oil Cooler Seals & New Oil Cooler.... threads stripped upon removal :( and Cam Cover Seals, New Oil Pressure Switch leaking oil through switch body - £724.00
5-Glove Box Lock Assembly - £12.00
6-New Discs & Pads All Around & Rear H/brake Shoes & Cables - £350.00
7-New Complete Front Wishbone Arms & Stabiliser Link Bars - £145.00
8-New Cat Back Exhaust System - £250.00
9-Auto Transmission Lower Gasket Leak Fix & Fluid change - £50.00
I think I need therapy having looked at this list.......... but hey it is such a nice drive when everything is working right.
The car is worth next to nothing in part ex and probably not worth much in a Private Sale either.
I think it is a good looking vehicle finished in Titanium with a front Irmscher Grill & Rear Tailgate Spoiler c/w built in brake light, not forgeting my boy racer BIG Twin 76mm Sports Exhaust Back Box by SteinMetz!
Feel better now but I think I need an appointment with the quack to discuss Running Costs!



PS - Almost forgot.......... When I get my Timing Belt Kit done @ 120K should I have the Water Pump & Oil Pump replaced? Do the PAS & Air Con Compressor nedd to be removed to do this?

1995 3.0 V6 Omega Elite Estate Auto
1998 1.9 Tdi Audi A4 quattro Avant
Omega Maintainance Costs - Daz
Would def get water pump replaced didn't realise oil pump needed doing as well!!

Omega Maintainance Costs - quattroboy
The Oil Pump will be replaced as a matter of personal choice because when I last had the Timing Belt done @ 80K the Oil Pump Bolts on the N/S were loose and as a consequence leaking oil badly. (apparently a common fault on the early V6's according to the VX Service Manager etc)

The only way that the Oil Pump Bolts could be removed/sealed and re-torqued was when the Timing Belt, Rollers & Tensioner were being done. I was told that upon re-tightning that there was a slight leak from the Pressure Relief Valve on the Oil Pump Assembly but the main serious leak had been cured.

Just trying to keep one step ahead because we intend to keep the car as long as possible without a re-mortgage :))

1995 3.0 V6 Omega Elite Estate Auto
1998 1.9 Tdi Audi A4 quattro Avant

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