Which Automatic - gizem
First time on this board.
I'm wanting to buy a Automatic car but dont know which models are any good.
I was going for either a Ford Mondeo 1.8 auto or a Ford Escort 1.6 auto but after reading posts and reveiws on this site about the gearboxes i'm not sure.
The other models on my short list are:
Mazda 323
Nissan 100 NX
Honda Civic 1.5 LSI

What do you all think.

Which Automatic - DieselBoy
Wow - you appear to be keeping your options open with your choices!

Personal preference - I would avoid Ford autos. There are probably some people that would disagree but I when I drove one I found it to be very indecisive about which gear to be in.

I'd go Japanese if I were you - Honda aren't bad at autos, so I've heard.
Which Automatic - Sooty Tailpipes
Mazda autos were notoriously bad during the late '90s, don't know if they've improved since.
Which Automatic - bartycrouch
Toyota Corolla 1.6 Auto might be worth looking at or a VW Golf MK III Auto. One of the problems of buying a 2nd hand automatic is the limited availability, so you are right to keep your options open. The best source is ex-motability cars, but these tend to be superminis and they might not match your budget.
Which Automatic - Aprilia
Don't get a Ford auto; nor a Renault.

Mazda auto's had a bad reputation a few years ago, this was because they used a Ford box! (the CD4E). Any Japanese box should be OK - Jatco, Honda, Aisan-Warner, Misubishi, Fuji.
GM 'boxes are OK too. VW/Audi not so good.
Which Automatic - gizem
Thanks for all your replys.

What about BMW 318 & 320 auto's.

Been on a site tonight that realy rates them.


Which Automatic - EdwardGeoffrey
I've owned a BMW 318 auto for 3 years and I'd agree that it is a competent car. Over the years, I've experienced a few other auto's and rate the Toyota very highly.
Which Automatic - Aprilia
I have mixed feelings about the ZF auto's used on BMW's. When they're running OK they're fine; however they are not especially reliable (mainly electrical problems). There is a large multiway connector under the gearbox that can give problems, also the shaft speed sensors inside the 'box can fail - not particularly expensive in themselves, but you have to remove and strip the box to replace them.
Some of the earlier BMW/ZF boxes suffered casing damage because a PTFE bearing washer was used against the alloy casing - but I would think most of these would have been attended to by now.

For a reliable and robust auto I would go Japanese, specifically Aisin-Warner (Toyota, some Volvo, some Vauxhall, Mitsubishi), Jatco (Nissan, some Rover, some VW etc.) or Honda.


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