Accord 1999 1.8 auto - jammods
Anyone familiar with the accord 4 speed semi auto's?

Thinking of buying one.... but would like opinions on usefullness of the semi auto option and overall drive as an automatic.

Never been a fan of auto's but now I'm getting on a bit and stuck in city traffic 50% of the time I think it may be time to cross over.

Thanks in advance

Accord 1999 1.8 auto - Thommo
Just a word of warning Steve, if you go there you ain't coming back.

Have driven automatic cars for 10 years now and as I live in the south would not even consider a manual now.

Too much traffic and not enough road space means stop start motoring at any time of day or night. I see the poor s**s mucking around with gear levers every few seconds and think why?

Just learn two footed driving as HJ suggests and you driving experience will be much enhanced. Enjoy...
Accord 1999 1.8 auto - El Hacko
support that 100% - have enjoyed two pedal (and two footed) driving for 20 years now...who needs a clutch!
Accord 1999 1.8 auto - jammods
Two footed driving?...forgive my ignorance but the odd times I have driving auto's (and not long enough to gain a good opinion hence the question)I have always used my right foot only.

Is this some kind of "technique" to enhance the driving experience?
Accord 1999 1.8 auto - Aprilia
My cars are a mixture of auto and manual. I'm happy with either and often drive both in the same day. The Accord SSS auto is noted for not having well-spaced ratios - check out one or two road tests on it.
Accord 1999 1.8 auto - Chad.R
My cars are a mixture of auto and manual. I'm
happy with either and often drive both in the same day...

I'll echo that - the auto is great when you're crawling round the M25 in stop start traffic but IMO nothing beats the satisfaction of a manual on the open road.

Accord 1999 1.8 auto - El Hacko
using left foot to brake keeps that leg in circulation and has several other advantages, I find
Accord 1999 1.8 auto - r_welfare
Would agree that the 'box doesn't have the best ratios, but changes smoothly enough. I find that my 2-litre has very little low-end torque, so moving away from rest is (initially) a slow business - fine once on the move though. Can't comment on reliability though as my car has only done 17,500 miles in 4 years, haven't noticed anything bad on HJ's Car by Car Breakdown though.

Other minor problem is that the car itself is not particularly economical - 30mpg average, but the manual won't do a huge amount more. Otherwise, good car.
Accord 1999 1.8 auto - Dogbreath
I have a 2 litre V reg executive - I paid £8k from a dealer last year which was not cheap but I love the car. It looks good, is very reliable and is good to drive.

The semi automatic gearbox works well. The car has 148bhp which you don't feel in normal auto mode but if you want to "press on" using the semi auto gear box makes the car pretty quick.

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