Vauxhall Cavalier leak in footwell - Dermot
My M reg Cavalier develops a pool of water on the mat in the passenger footwell after heavy rain
It's costing me a small fortune drying it out each time
Any suggestions as to how rain is getting in?
(Yes, I have closed the sunroof)
Vauxhall Cavalier leak in footwell - rileyrm
Dermot,when mine leaked it was because the bulkhead drain was blocked on both sides with leaves, forcing the water through the heater and onto floor. Also caused windsreen to get misted up when heating the screen first thing.

Vauxhall Cavalier leak in footwell - PhilW
It could still be the sunroof! They are not watertight and if the drainholes are blocked water will find its way into the car. Test by opening the sunroof and carefully pouring water into corners (nearside in your case?) If water does not drain out from the bottom of the car it will be finding its way into the footwell. Look for leaves, muck etc blocking the drainholes - or even check to see if drainage pipe has come detached from the plastic grommet - may require removal/loosening of roof lining.
Can't give specific advice on this model but could if it was a Xantia!
Vauxhall Cavalier leak in footwell - Pugugly {P}
."...He did mention an interesting point to check....Just below the front windscreen
panel (benaeth the bonnet) bang in the middle behind the engine lies an oval drainage hose about 4" in length, this is a known issue on Cavs as it blocks with road filth. If this blocks as water builds up in the "windscreen panel" it will drain out through the heater into the footwells - can be nasty."

From a post I placed when the Cavalier entered the corprate life of our Office. Hope this solves the problem for you. The words of wisdom came from a tame ex-Vauxhall techie.

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