Memory Savers - Andrew Scott
I am planning to change the coolent and thermostat on my Fiesta Zetec 1.25. To do this I need to remove the alternator, and of course disconnect the battery.

I have heard that memory saving devices are available to save the cars ECU settings. Are they really necessary? and if so what devices are available to the DIY\'er?

Your advice please.


Memory Savers - Chas{P}

As long as you have your radio code this is the procedure for the Power Control Module to reset itself:

When the battery has been disconnected and connected, the stored idle and drive values contained within the powertrain control module (PCM) will have been erased. The following steps must be carried out to allow the PCM to relearn its idle and drive values:

· Start and run the engine at idle for three minutes.

· When the engine reaches normal operating temperature, increase the engine speed to 1200 rpm and maintain for approximately two minutes.

· Drive the vehicle for approximately five miles of varied driving.



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