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I am just about to install a blaupunkt dx-v sat nav system in a
(03) peugeot 406, can anyone help me out as to where i can get
the connection for the speed pulse generator ,

any help please .


sat/nav install (HELP) - Altea Ego
sat/nav install (HELP) - AR-CoolC
Please bear in mind that the P406 of that year may well have a heat reflective screen that could block the signal, double check this and the antenna location.
sat/nav install (HELP) - Altea Ego
Yes I would second that. You are sticking in an expensive piece of kit and internal GPS aerial would spoil it.
It looks like the one supplied with the kit is internal. Even with no reflective screen you need a full 360 degree view to get max satelites. I would dump the one supplied with the BP and get a proper body mounted (ie drill a hole) GPS antenna.

I have just set up a very cheap sat nav for my car (palm IIIc, Navman 350 sleve and map/route software - 55 quid off ebay!!!)

Inside the car the best i could get was 5 satelites, dropping in and out. Used a mag mounted extrnal GPS re-radiator and i get 9-12 satelites.

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I thought 3 was enough? What do you do with all those spares?
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I use a dash-mounted receiver with my iPaq / Kane car-pilot and usually receive between 6 and 9 satellites. Never had it drop out outside of a car park or tunnel yet.
sat/nav install (HELP) - Altea Ego
Sure three will triangulate you to within 50-100 yards ok but no 3d lock, for keeping track during rapid movement to within 20 yards the more the better.

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