HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - kbmacpherson
Just got hold of a rover metro 1.1s, it has no power! When i accelerate, all i get is high reves and no umph! It struggles in all gears! It was OK on the motorway at the weekend (250miles)I was told it drives like a tank...but is this normal? (Limited motor knowledge!)Cheers!
HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - Peter D
Correct !! Next

No really you have not told us enough. age, miles useage etc etc. however haing said that you say it revs ok, on load I assume so may be there is not too much wrong. Regards Peter
HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
If you mean by "high revs but no oomph" that the engine speed increases but the road speed does not when you press accelerator, it sounds to me like clutch slip.

Regards, Adam
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HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - kbmacpherson
More details; it's 1990 J reg, 30,000 on the clock. Been sat in a garage for a few months. Surely it's can't be normal that it revs so high it turns heads! When i accelerate, all i get is revs, little speed. It was serviced in the summer. Any more advice?
HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - Dynamic Dave
From what you're saying, it does sound like the clutch is slipping - which is what Adam Going previously mentioned.

A quick test would be to reverse the car at approx 5 to 10mph and then put the gearbox into 1st gear and see if the car either stalls or wheelspins. If the car still carries on backwards and you get loads of engine revs, then the clutch is slipping. If you can't find a straight piece of road long enough to reverse on, try pulling away in 2nd or third. Again if loads of engine revs and little forward movement means the clutch is slipping.

I'm not sure if this is a cable operated clutch or hydraulic. Whatever though, you *might* be lucky and get away with adjusting it.
HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - Doc

The Rover clutch will be cable operated; and the bad news is that it is not adjustable.

I had one that started to slip at about 42k.

HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - DL
Handbrake on, engage 3rd gear.

3500rpm and try to pull away. If the car stalls, the clutch is *probably* OK

If the engine revs, then the clutch is slipping, for some reason.....oil, wear etc etc

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Rover with No power- THANKS FOR THE HELP - kbmacpherson
Thanks for the advice/ help given regards my rover. It was the clutch, I never got to find out if it was slipping, the thing burn't out!! It's all fixed now, at a cost! 5+1/2 hours labour at a can do the maths......Cheers!
HELP! Rover Metro 1.1s no power - kithmo
I know this sounds contradictory but the self adjusting clutch cable can be adjusted. If you remove the clip that holds the self adjuster and spring to the bulkhead then push the cable in and then pull it out and refit the clip this releases the cable a little (it may be stuck). The other adjustable bit, if it's an A-series not K-series engine, is the big locknut on the end of the clutch bellhousing. Check the clearance between the nut and the bellhousing, I can't remember the figures but it's probably in the workshop manual somewhere. If neither of these two fixes work then it's a new clutch I'm afraid.;-(

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