To claim or not to claim? - BobbyG
I will try and keep this short and sweet.

SWMBO scraped the Scenic down a wall, quote is about £500. scrape is on back passenger door and rear wing.

My insurance through Esure is £380 and full no claim protection, with an excess of £100. I realise that if I claim, I will keep my full NCB but the premium it is based on will be raised.

The question is - how much am I looking at for the increase? Any one any similar experience?
To claim or not to claim? - Vansboy
Have you had a couple of quotes - worth shopping around, just in case!

Also no reason why you can't ask the insurers what effect a claim may have. From what you say, it's not like you would compromise yourself, with false, non-disclosure information, upon renewal.

Check that you've maybee got 'protected' bonus 7 then you can have 2/3 claims in a set period, with no worries.

To claim or not to claim? - Blue {P}
You will save £400 but have to declare a claim for three to five years, I reckon it's probably cheaper to claim, unless you can get the quote down elsewhere.

If you don't claim and as no other party was involved then I'm sure I wouldn't be declaring this one!

To claim or not to claim? - Mark (RLBS)
Probably worth claiming unless you will need to change insurers in the next two years. e.g. you change to a high group car which e-sure are very expensive for.

Only way to be sure is to ask e-sure though.
To claim or not to claim? - Blue {P}
Definately worth asking them, we were pleasantly surprised, my dad's 2.5 Z4 isn't much to insure at all, only something like £450 IIRC through e-sure. Yes, as a 19 year old I would consider that disgustingly cheap for a Fiesta, never mind a Z4! :-)

To claim or not to claim? - Phoenicks
It sounds like a low risk claim (i/e not as if you hit a person) and as such should have quite a low loading. I would have thought that a 5-15% loading might apply at renewal, so the cost next year would be about £440 tops. Taking into account the excess, as long as next years premium is no more than £780 then its worth claiming. I couldnt possible imagine such a claim warranting a 100% loading.
To claim or not to claim? - DavidHM
What about loading further down the line though? Is it really only loaded for one year, assuming no further claims?
To claim or not to claim? - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
I don't know what the sums work out as, but bear in mind that having asked esure what the cost would be, you have effectively declared the incident - i.e. they could in theory take it into account on renewal as indicating an increased risk. Whether this actually happens in today's competitive market is another matter.

Don't know whether such information would be shared with other insurers - doubt it though unless a claim is made.

To claim or not to claim? Update - BobbyG
Re my earlier post, I phoned Esure and immediately got the "well we need to record this for our records" before I said whether I wanted to claim or not!

Anyway, went ahead with claim and , at the risk of turning this into another Pologirl story ( which I took great interest in incidentally, repairer phoned me today.

As initially posted, car is in to get scrapes on rear wheelarch and rear passenger door of my Scenic done after it was scraped in a car park by SWMBO. However, repairer is saying that the car has various dings and dents that have obviously been there for a while and although they will fix the obvious scrapes, they won't fix any of the dings, therefore when they respray the panels, this might highlight the dings more than originally! Car is silver incidentally.

If I wanted to, I could pay 193 + vat and they would also repair the dings.

To be honest, I can sort of see where they are coming from but find it strange that the repairer just didn't include this in the overall price1 What if I had put in a claim for vandalism rather than admitting a parking accident.

Whats your thoughts? Is it worth arguing with Esure over?
To claim or not to claim? Update - Sooty Tailpipes
That's it, I have formed the opinion based on the last few month's experience, NEVER USE THE INSURANCE COMPANY'S APPROVED REPAIRER.

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