outside Temp sensor/elec aerial - NickS
Hello folks, can anybody enlighten me as to where the sensor for the outside temp display is on my 97 Astra?
Also want to fit an eectric aerial as fed up with fogetting to push mind down and it getting snapped off by the lovely local kids.Do i need a vauxhall aerial or are they universal fit?

outside Temp sensor/elec aerial - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, the temp sensor is either postioned on the lower edge of the nearside front bumper or just under the front numberplate - again attached to the bumper.

As for the aerial, not sure, sorry. It might pay you to replace the current one with a rubber duck type one. A lot cheaper than an electric aerial.
outside Temp sensor/elec aerial - Deryck Tintagel
Assuming that the model is not the current shape .. The best thing for the electric aerial is a Vauxhall one - the only downside to this is the cost. I looked at one for my old Cavalier and the dealer was wanting something like £150 for the thing (about £200 now IIRC). I eventually got one from a scrap dealer for £15 and an new mast from Vauxhall at about £20.

The wiring might be in place on the Astra - it was on the Cavalier with a bit of modification to a connector plug in the boot.
outside Temp sensor/elec aerial - David Horn
Blimey. I had my aerial, plastic mover thingy and motor replaced for £16 at my local dealer. Took them 45 minutes - very pleased and still working today.

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