Chassis number illegible on motorbike - groovy

I have recently purchased a second-hand motorbike. The frame of the bike has been powder coated resulting in the chassis number being very hard to read. In an attempt to make it easier to read, I took a wire brush to it to remove the powder coating. Unfortunately, this has scratched off the VIN number entirely (d'oh!).

How do I stand when I take this bike for an MOT? The last MOT certificate that was given to me has "not visible" entered for the VIN.

Chassis number illegible on motorbike - martint123
I'd be a bit worried - if the numbers disapeared with a wire brush then they weren't stamped in as all others I've seen have been.

I would have walked away when buying it - either not being able to check it or seeing that on the MOT.

If you're feeling brave I'd go to your local plod traffic office and enquire - although you stand to lose it if it turns out to be nicked.
Chassis number illegible on motorbike - Dynamic Dave
Could you not take along the log book (V5 document)? That'll have the VIN number on it.
Chassis number illegible on motorbike - AWS
I had an imported motorbike with no chassis number, it was on the V5 and the old MOT certs but when I took it for the MOT they just completed the cetificate and filled in N/A or Non-found and issued the cetificate.

That was it.



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