Fuel Guage, Mk3 VW Golf - VW Jas
Help.... Fuel guage stopped working on MK3 VW Golf...
Was working fine yesterday. Changed front brake pads, brake servo hose and coolant leak. Guage read 1/4 tank before fixing these things, now reads zero......
Wiring from fuel sender to guage seems OK (reads 400 ohms). Fuel sender seems to be open circuit...
Do people reckon the sensor just died at a very coincident time, or am I missing something here?

Fuel Guage, Mk3 VW Golf - the conductor
is temp gauge ok? ther is a small earth lead which runs to the rocker cover from the coil pack area this can sometimes cause problems with dash binnicle. depending on age of car would probobly say sender stuck or pcb on sender dead. go to breakers though as they are very expensive from vag.

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