Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Tim Storr
I am considering buying a 2000 mondeo 1.8 but wonder whether I should go for the basic 1.8 or the zetec version. Whats the difference, apart from the spoiler on the back of the zetec and the price difference of a few hundred pounds. Is the zetec engine markedly superior?
What would people recomend?
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Marc
I thought they both had "Zetec" engines. The difference being the trim level. The Zetec is more sport orientated eg white dials, alloys, spoiler, driving lamps but the LX has things like air con and remote stereo controls. This is the way it is pitched on the Focus :


Maybe the Zetec designation is a bit like the "Laser" that Ford used to use in the 80s
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Andy Bairsto
Zetec is a different engine completely, HJ is the expert on these,I believe the Zetec runs a lot leaner but suffers from less output more econemy or more performance.I am sure HJ will give the correct answer
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - fred smith
zetec started off being a different engine design, but ford have now given in to the publics stupidity and just started using it as a trim level badge to charge punters a few more quid for...

badges on the back of cars has a lot of psychological trickery in them to get u to pay up for max amount of money

in the old days when i worked for jag some cars would be sent to the dealers with two sets of badges one jag and another daimler, and the same car would sell for 10 to 15 k more with the daimler badge on the back... people really are badge snobs...

same badge snobery applies at the mondeo end of the market
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Keith Bassett
As far as I know, every Mondeo ever made has a Zetec engine (except the V6 of course). As stated in another reply, Zetec is now used by Ford as a model badge to indicate the spec. But all Mondeo 1.8 petrol cars have the same engine (ditto for 2.0 litre) at a given build date.
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - honest john
All four cylinder Mondeos apart from diesels have Ford Zetec E engines of 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 litres. The Zetec model designation was a spiffed up LX with alloys, etc., rather like the Focus Zetec. The thing is, it makes a lot more at auction and retails for a lot more, so however cynical the marketing was, it worked. Later Zetecs (late 1999 on) had rear disc brakes rather than drums. Easy to spot through the wheels.

Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Tim Storr
Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I will go for a zetec. I am currently looking at a 2000 (W) Zetec 1.8 with 7000 miles for £8300 under the Ford Direct Scheme. (2 yr Ford Direct warranty)
Does anyone have experience of Ford Direct? It seems a good scheme on paper; is it in reality?

Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Dave Etchells
Fred Smith writes that:-

"same badge snobery applies at the mondeo end of the market"

when refering to the difference between a Mondeo LX and Zetec models. What utter codswallop. My preference was for a car with alloy wheels. As the car I bought was from a supersite the difference in price between the two models was probably less than it would cost me for a good set of after market wheels and tyres, always assuming something was readily available and suitable. The bonus is that, as ever buying the higher spec. model gives a potential buyer a few more extras, nothing more.

I you want to refer to badge snobbery, look towards drivers of wheezy BMW 318's with no badges.
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Marc
I thought the LX was the higher spec model. Not the Zetec? Even though the Zetec has higher resale as HJ points out (due no doubt to the alloy wheels)
Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - honest john
Dave's right. But see the News at about what they've fibally gone and done to give the 318i a bit of grunt.

Re: Mondeo 1.8lx or zetec - Dave Etchells

The LX is about 700 quid cheaper than the Zetec. Apart from not having alloys, the LX does not have the aluminium trim - which is very nice and real aluminium - and a few other bits and pieces, including colour coding of some body parts. That is all but it makes the Zetec a better package overall.

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