DIY windscreen chip repair - Dave N
Anyone tried the DIY kits for windscreen chips from Halfords?
Got a big chip and my traders policy doesn't cover windscreens or repairs.
DIY windscreen chip repair - PhilW
Yes, I had a chip on passenger side for several years, a crack started going from it so I tried mending it. That same winter the crack got so bad it failed its next MOT! That may of course be due to my total ineptitude or that the crack meant it was beyond repair or that the crack would have got much worse, much quicker without me using the Halfords kit! So my post is not much help really is it?? Sorry!
DIY windscreen chip repair - none
I use a professional windscreen repair kit. (Cost the company £500).
Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. As a general rule, if the damage is bad enough to be noticeable or distracting, it won't work.
DIY windscreen chip repair - Cyd
Tried the Halfords kit. Worked on a couple of chips but not on others - for a while. The repairs that worked seem to have "worn off" over 2 yrs and the chips are as bad as before now.

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