Renault Clio Autobox question - Yoby
My wife's Renault Clio auto is changing gear a bit clonkily and I think that it needs the fluid topping up. The only problem is that there is no dipstick in the engine to check this, only a rubber stopper stuck into a tube that goes to the gearbox. Is this unusual or am I missing something. Have oil ready, but do not want to put it in blind.


Renault Clio Autobox question - daryld
..I will be the first of many replies I think..

The transmission is sealed for life. Anyway, it is unlikely that a fluid top-up will do anything. Most people on this site will tell you that Renault auto boxes are a disaster waiting to happen.

Only consolation is to take the car to a reputable auto transmission spcialist for proper assessment: it maybe a simple repair. Try your luck.
Renault Clio Autobox question - Aprilia
My first inclination would be to get rid of it ASAP - Renault auto's always end in tears.
Renault Clio Autobox question - Big Cat
Renault + autobox = expensive trouble.
Get rid!

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