Ford Escort Transmission problem - manymanythanks
Hi all,
I have an Escort 1.6 AUTO, 1998 model which had its front brake pads and discs changed and I noticed a loud 'tick,tick' sound whenever I turn to right. (I had a problem with stalling whenever I start the car first thing in the morning,for a few months now but as it was not troubling much I didn't bother). I took to the Rapid fit where I had the disc/pad changed and they are saying it has nothing to do with disc/pad change and that there is problem with the transmission. It seems like a big job and a big bill.Any one has any suggestion,please
Ford Escort Transmission problem - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
If the ticking noise was not there before you had the discs and pads changed it is highly likely that it something to do with that work, but of course one cannot rule out some other problem that is completely co-incidental.

It seems to me more likely that (if it is indeed something other than the discs/pads)it is driveshaft related rather than the transmission/gearbox.

If you are not happy with the response/attitude of the people you have used for this work tell them that you are going to get it checked out elewhere, and if it is indeed found to be associated with the work they have done you will be expecting them to re-imburse your costs.

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Ford Escort Transmission problem - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The noise could be due to a failing CV joint on that side.The only possibility linking the pad/disc change to the current problem is if the disc was 'frozen' onto the hub (common problem because like all manufacturers Ford put them together completely dry) persuading the disc off the hub requires some hefty hammer work, usually with the offending wheel(and joint) on full lock for ease of access which concievably could have damaged the joint. (phew!)The cost of repair isnt a lot, the CV joint £30-40 and about 30 minutes work.

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Ford Escort Transmission problem - Hugo {P}
I would concurr with the CV joint arguement here, although I would have thought it was unlikely that a few hammer blows in any position could hurt the CV joint unless it took a direct hit. They will cope with far greater forces than that out on the road.

The first thing I would do is check the rubbers on the CV joints. If these are perished then check for play in the joints themselves.

To change one yourself may take you as long as a couple of hours, but a garage will do it in about 30 mins. Price of joint - £20 or thereabouts?


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Ford Escort Transmission problem - manymanythanks
Thanks guys for all your quick replies. The Rapidfit also says it may be the CV Joints but say it is not their fault. They are blaming it on the the gearbox as it usually stalls first thing in the morning when put in the Reverse or Drive. Would you advice me to take it to your ford dealer to sort it out,
Thanks again
Ford Escort Transmission problem - stator
Stalling cold when selecting forward ( normaly ok if reverse is selected )is a known concern try for help from some one in your area.

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