Go on, give it a try. - No Do$h
Taken from my contribution to the Cycling thread


Now here's an idea:

Let's be nice to EVERYONE we see on the road for the next 48 hours. Cyclist, Nova-driving boy racer, super-gran, truckbloke, even Rob the Bus. If we make a mistake, acknowledge it. If we get cut up, live with it; back off, no aggressive eye contact, no retaliatory gestures. We witness someone driving too fast; well perhaps if the word has spread enough, everyone will get out of their way, they will arrive safely, ahead of time and spend the next couple of weeks with a headache, trying to work out just how that happened.

It'll never work......
Go on, give it a try. - smokie
Taken from my daughter's usual answer to any reasonable request I make.

And why would I want to do that? :-Þ

Maybe, if there are any spare days left in the year for such things, we could instigate an Honest John No Road Rage day?

Roll on Thursday at 19:29...
Go on, give it a try. - J Bonington Jagworth
I suppose we could also try keeping to speed limits for a few months - if only to see how many cameras are really there for safety reasons...
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Go on, give it a try. - nick
If you do, you'll find driving much less stressful, and safer.
Go on, give it a try. - Clanger
So, it's driving as normal for me then?

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