Everybody Hurts, Sometimes - tone
Was driving up the A1(M) on saturday just south of Peterborough, making good progress, when the matrix signs said, 'work force in road slow' started to slow down. Then hit traffic that was almost at a dead stop, after probably 10 metres it was a dead stop. Sat there for at least 45 minutes with nobody moving. People were getting out walking up the road, there were a few picnics at the central reservation and embankment. Then suddenly we saw people running back to there cars then we all started moving again.

The hold up was due to merging 4 lanes to 1, then onto the hardshoulder, once we started moving it didnt take long to get through so i'm not sure why it was held up like that for so long.
Everybody Hurts, Sometimes - No Do$h
I bet nobody did a Michael Stipe and wandered off into Peterborough though......

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