Change car or not? - 9000
I've presently got a 98 s Xantia diesel with almost 110k. I need the car for regular 150 mile round trips to work.

It could do with new spheres fairly soon and possibly a cambelt- I know the scheduled interval is 72k but I've read that the 2nd change should be sooner at around 36k to replace the tensioner. All in this is going to cost a few £100.

I am considering getting rid now and using the proceeds plus the money I'd need to spend on maintenance and a little more on a newer model HDI.

I could spend the money on my current car but I'm conscious that any major component failure like a head gasket or gearbox could write the car off financially.

What are backroomers thoughts?
Change car or not? - nick
This is still a relatively young car. If it is still reliable and serviced well I'd run it until something big failed which should be many years away yet. If you sell it and buy another used car you'll probably be buying someone else's problems (see story on right 'one third...). I wouldn't look at the cost of maintenance as a proportion of the value of the car rather than as part of the cost of that year's motoring. Within that you need to factor in depreciation, which a newer car will suffer more than your Xantia.
So if it goes ok and you're happy with it, then stick with the devil you know and keep your money in the bank.
Change car or not? - Clanger
Nick agree 100%

I stick with the devil I know too and 110K isn't much for a well-maintained Xantia.

Stranger in a strange land
Change car or not? - M.M
Yep another in agreement.

Few points.

The replacement HDi is regarded as a better car but could be more costly in maintenance depending where you buy in its repair cycle. Much harder to work on due to restricted underbonnet access. They are more powerful/economical but the engine will be the only difference. I'm sure yours is still smart, rust free and nice to travel in. It is worth very little now, bet you'd be asked loads to change assuming a "dealer deal".

I assume you're using a decent specialist not a main dealer for servicing. Re-gassed or pattern spheres are quite cheap. I change timing belts at 50K on these but they are actually very robust set-ups. The tensioners don't suffer problems in the same way as other makes, I usually change them at the second belt change just as a precaution while I'm in there.

Of course if you fancy a change then logic doesn't come into it. Also if you were pitching the case against a new car with a two/three year warranty the answer might be diferent.

Change car or not? - Hugo {P}
Agree with above.

98 is still young for a car and 110K is not excessive these days.

It sounds like you've maintained a good service history whilst you've had it and, as MM says, you should use a GOOD independent specialist.

FWIW, I recently sold an L Reg Xantia that had been well looked after. Just before I sold it I changed the accumulator sphere and paid £30 for it. However, you can get them even cheaper than that from Andyspares (part of GSF). According to my local cit specialist it's 15 mins work to change it. It took me longer because I don't have access to a ramp.


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