What Car? - John Basnett
Hi, I'm looking to change my car in the next month but am still undecided on what to go for. For the last few months my heart has been set on a clio 172 but then recently I've been checking out other possibilites. These have included the 306 Gti 6, the astra coupe turbo (although these are still a bit more than i'm looking to spend) and cars that are not of the hot hatch type such as an MGF VVC or even a Merc C230 Kompressor. Can anyone suggest any alternatives or offer any advice (ie. running costs and reliability) on any of the cars i've listed bearing in mind that i'm 20 and so insurance on any of these is going to be high enough so group 16 is about as high as i can feasibly go.

Cheers guys.
What Car? - runboy
Any of the Seat Leon Cupras (180, 210 225 bhp). Check the insurance groups-maybe only the 180bhp is in your ballpark.

Nice car the Leon-I had a lower model but loved it to bits.


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