Problem with Polo immobiliser? - mtc

My wife's Polo has an intermittent problem where the engine seems to start ok, but then immediately cuts out a second or two later. This happens repeatedly until usually, it will finally start after about 20-30 minutes. When it does start, the car runs fine. It happens about once a week - otherwise it starts without any problem.

I took it to the VW garage and the mechanic said it sounds like the immobiliser is kicking in, although he said that no faults have been logged in the memory. He suggested using the spare key in case there was a problem with the chip in the main key. We did this and it seemed to be ok for a week or so, but now it is happening again - so I don't think the key was to blame.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else it could be. Are we likely to need a new immobiliser?

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Problem with Polo immobiliser? - Peter D
How many miles has the car done I am asking as this could be a fuel pump problem. The immobiliser once turned off by the correct key should not be able to kick in if the ignition is on unless the immobiliser relay is faulty. Regards

Problem with Polo immobiliser? - jlo

It could be the immobiliser. My Mother bought a 1 Litre L Polo registered Jan 1996 in September 1997 (When the cars only came with a 1 year warranty)

It very occasionally would do the same thing. Would start up and then just cut out. Would normally sort itself after a few minutes. After it was over a year old it cut out for longer. Took the car back to VW dealer and the receiver in the ignition switch for the transponder was changed and paid for by VW under goodwill as it had had full dealer service so you could be getting the same problem. She still has the car today and has had no problems except for a replacment exhust which is wear and tear I guess?

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Problem with Polo immobiliser? - mtc
Thanks for the replies. Peter, the car has done about 50000 miles. Its a 1994 model (M reg).

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