Mercedes TurboDiesel Check ? - sn68
Hi, looking at a 98 E300 TD, and no recent history. Had a full AA check, who gave it clean bill of health, just said that lack of history always leaves a doubt re the turbo. I want to know if there's any way of checking that the turbo is ok / well maintained ? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
Mercedes TurboDiesel Check ? - M.M
From my experience of every other TD the turbo is the least of your worries. They are proving far more reliable than we all thought they might be when they appeared in ever greater numbers some 15yrs ago.

I would be worried though by a '98 MB with missing history for all the other usual reasons.

Could you trace the records anyhow? Is it cheap enough to warrant taking the risk?

Mercedes TurboDiesel Check ? - Mark (RLBS)
I bought one of these last year. We had a few problems with the power steering which is, apparantly, not uncommon.

Who owned it before the seller ? Can you contact them and ask about the history ?
Mercedes TurboDiesel Check ? - mark999
Insist on an emmisions test, this may show up impending problems


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