GTV Immobilizer problem - yamazaki55
I have a 1997 GTV 2.0 on an R plate.
I had a flat battery replaced at the weekend & since then I havent been able to start the engine because the immobilzer wont switch off.
The master keys were not supplied with the car & I only have the red key.
Now the car is stuck in a garage 100 miles away & they are quoting 1300 quid for new locks, master keys ect.
Are they kidding me or what????
GTV Immobilizer problem - AN Other
I have always been told that the presence of the burgundy key - not the red one - was essential to avoid this kind of expense. Don't Fiats have the same kind of system? I would have thought that you have 3 options:

1. Find the burgundy key...

2. See if there is an independent specialist who "unlocks" Alfas and Fiats more cheaply / easily - surely there must be
someone in London?...

3. Pay the £1300...
GTV Immobilizer problem - David Davies
You could try this trick which did actually restore a late model Alfa with a locked immobiliser back to running condition:remove battery cables from terminals,connect the positive and negative cables together and leave for 15 minutes.Then reconnect cables to battery terminals and try to start engine.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
GTV Immobilizer problem - DL
Yes, I would agree - battery disconnection on todays (over)complicated and over computerised cars often works wonders.

Hope you get it sorted.

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