Honest Johns Year book - Carl2
Any idea when I can expect the new year book to be available?
I often wonder if I am the only person that buys the paper just for its motoring supplement. Its an excellent paper but I don\'t really have time to read the rest of it.
Honest Johns Year book - Pugugly {P}
Connected used to be good.
Honest Johns Year book - No Do$h
Ahh, your words are a tonic.

Every Saturday it's straight to the motoring section, followed by the other bits as and when time allows. Ditto, every Thursday it used to be straight to Connected, then use the remainder to light that evening's fire....
Honest Johns Year book - bradgate
You are not alone, Carl2.

I read very little of the rest of the Saturday Torygraph. I also tend to buy the Sun Times cos it has a motoring section. Sad.
Honest Johns Year book - Honestjohn
No book this year because it's all in the website. Book sales were so bad last year because of the website that it isn't worth publishing the yearbook any more. Please use the website more. Its your use of the whole site that helps bring in the income to keep The Backroom going.

Honest Johns Year book - Carl2
I use the web site all the time. It really is a brilliant site as we all know. I will miss the book and so will all my friends who would get copies from me for christmas and birthdays. Any chance of the years motoring sections being condensed into a book? Now that I think about it when ever I went out to buy a copy of the book I would have to actively seek it out so I don,t suppose this could have helped sales. Oh well it looks as though my screwfix catalogue will have to find another companion.

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