my job. - chris watson
alot of people want to know about me, i am a mechanic, and just recently become a partner in a business, i have no money but have the experience, martin is the guy with the money to set the business up, but he has no experience of anything to do with cars, so we joined forces, and he does the accounts, and i do the work.
Re: my job. - Brian
Does that mean that, by your definition, I spend 8 hours a day in the office doing no work?.
I wonder why the firm keeps paying me, or is it just that I do the salaries and they have forgotten to tell me to stop my own pay?
Re: my job. - andy bairsto
I did not think you were allowed to work at ten years old
Re: my job. - David Woollard
..........I wonder why the firm keeps paying me.......

Perhaps it's because your job is real Brian??

Re: my job. - Stuart B
Geography homework can get soooooo tedious you know, colouring in all those maps ;-)
get off my back. - chris watson
the first thing is, my job is real, the second thing is, i am not a stupid git like the the rest of the idiots on this forum (DW, and that bloody andy bairsto), i am a real person, i dont like some of you, and i hope that horrible things happen to the cars of the people mentioned.
Re:Voice of reason - Mark
I think we have a new contender for "King of the Moderate Posters",

as ever

Frankie Howard Expression coming - John Slaughter
OOOOOOOOH! Christopher!
Chris Watson's hate list - John Slaughter
So, you don't like some of us.

Any chance of a list?


Re: Chris Watson's hate list - chris watson
im sorry but no list, as it would be easier to put who i DO like.
Re:surreal - Mark
Hold on Chaps this is all getting a bit surreal, I don't mind a bit of banter but attacks on worthy fellows is going a bit far.

Not a Godbotherer myself more of Quentin Tarantino fan but the following seems strangely relevant;

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill, shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to posion my brothers.

Ezekiel 25.17

Those of you that know the film in question recall what happens next.

We have a number of worthy "shepherds" who give their time to help others on this site rather than those that set out to waste the time of others, and those that offer help are to be commended for it. Those who attack them will at sometime feel my vengeance.

as ever

Choice - Micky
Are other religions are available?

Re:Pulp Fiction - Mark
I suppose they all say the same thing somewhere, as I said I am not a Godbotherer so I cannot be sure,

Its more the sentiment that I wished to express rather than the religious side of things, if you can connect it to the appropriate QT movie I think the meaning becomes clear.

as ever

Re:Voice of reason - John
Oh dear another dummy spat out of the pram. why do people have to be that aggressive.
Re:Voice of reason - Vin
"DW, and that bloody andy bairsto".

I feel left out. Why didn't he have a go at me?

Re:Voice of reason - Darcy Kitchin
Too nice by half, allegedly.
Re: Chris Watson's hated - Mary A Rose
Now, now, gentlemen.

Any casual visitor to the forum might get the impression that this was the way you boys welcomed every guest.

Ganging up on someone who didn't fit in in some way, perhaps didn't go to the right school, or belong to the right club.

That is why we let you go to the club in the first place. So that you can bicker behind closed doors instead of upsetting the servants.

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