Skoda Fabia deal - automaticallyuk
Can get a Skoda 1.2 54bhp for £6880 with free insurance?
Is this a good buy compared to a Yaris T2 1.0 at £6500 with free insurance ? Which is the best?

Skoda is bigger, has very cheap GP1 insurance group etc. Yaris more reliable.

any thoughts.... I know neither will win any races.
Skoda Fabia deal - Hugo {P}
If you want the Yaris - buy it.

If you want the Skoda, take in the quote you've had on the Yaris, beat the salesmen around the head with it and tell him as the Yaris is the better car, he's got a real kjob on his hands to make a sale bearing in mind the competition, Ask for £850 off the price. You may get a few hundred off, then reconsider which one you want.

Well, that's just my opinion.....but who cares?


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Skoda Fabia deal - No Do$h
Well, that's just my opinion.....but who cares?

Well what you said made perfect sense to me.
Skoda Fabia deal - malteser
Try for a good deal on the Fabia tdi - you wont regret it!
BTW trying to persuade SWMBO that it is a good idea to re-chip our tdi to the latest 130bhp spec of the Fabia VR.
Any ideas to help me!!!!
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Skoda Fabia deal - runboy
Go for the Skoda-better quality than the Toyota. the Skoda is a newer model (I seem to remember seeing T, V plate Yaris around?), slightly bigger car. May be cheaper on servicing costs-check with the dealer.
Skoda Fabia deal - Welliesorter
I had this decision to make a few months ago. At the risk of stating the obvious, the only way of deciding is to go and test drive them both. Both are cleverly designed modern cars that seem bigger inside than outside. I went for the Fabia because I thought the Yaris might be ever so slightly too small. I saw a Yaris with a small roof box the other day and wondered why the owner hadn't just bought a very slightly bigger car.

I'd had a lot more time to test drive the Fabia but I'd read quite a few reviews of both which said the Yaris is too noisy on motorways. I've driven my Fabia 350 miles today, on a combination of A and B roads as well as several motorways. I can report that the car has stood up to the trip better than I have and I don't feel excessively tired.

When I was looking, main dealer prices of used examples of both seemed excessive as they were only just starting to appear in reasonable numbers. This was what caused me to buy new.

Skoda Fabia deal - automaticallyuk
Which Model Skoda did you buy?

Do you consider the base 1.2 54 HP to be unusable?
Skoda Fabia deal - Welliesorter
I bought the Silverline, a basic model with a few nice extras thrown in. This has the 1.4 68 bhp engine. I notice that recent Silverlines differ in that they have the 1.2 64 bhp engine.

There are actually two 1.2 l engines. The Skoda dealer I initially went to (but didn't buy from) was pushing the engine you mention which had only just been launched. He gave the impression that this was the one I test drove but in fact it had an 'HTP' (High Torque Power?) badge on it which, I believe, meant it was the 64 bhp version.

I'm afraid this is a roundabout way of saying I don't have personal experience of the engine you mention so I don't really know the answer to your question. I suspect the answer will depend on the kind of driver you are and the kind of driving you do. I did wonder whether I'd find mine a little sluggish, but I can overtake when I need to, even at motorway speeds.

I presume you've looked at the Car-by-Car Breakdown on this site where Honest John praises one of the 1.2 engines. Also see where there are some quite comprehensive reviews of the various options. Click for the version you're looking at.
Skoda Fabia deal - Flat in Fifth
Just to put my 2p to answer your question to welliesorter.

We bought a base 1.4 for Mrs FiF, and don't regret it. Now 18 months old and nothing wrong on delivery or since. Touch wood!

The 1.4 is the 8v 68 bhp [50kw] and its no tarmac burner, but driven well definitely has no problem keeping up with the pace of traffic around town, or even on quick rural and motorway roads. A few reasonable journeys in it ie 200miles plus round trip but mainly used as a local run car hence fuel consumption given the type of use nothing to write home about. Even three/four up with some luggage definitely not an embarrassment. Any long runs we usually use my car.

I know HJ is fairly disparaging of the 8v engine but the others were not suited to our type of usage and the extra cost of the diesels could not be financially justified.

Looked very carefully at the Yaris and whilst the sliding rear seat is a good design idea, can't help but feel that was a Toyota bodge solution to a boot which was just too small. That alone tipped the balance against what is a very nice car though.


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