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Daughters k plate Polo back box on exhaust is on its last legs (rusted and pitted badly ,will probably fail next mot next month).The question is replace all, but not the CAT or replace back box only?
next question use genuine VW parts or use one of the exhaust
\"experts\", I use the term loosly. Your opinions and advice would be appreciated.

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Ha! The tailbox is a pain to fit on the hangers - I did one last week!

I'd suggest getting a price for genuine parts; but compare their prices to an aftermarket system, such as TI. There isn't much wrong with these systems.

The question is what does the joint between the centre and tailbox sections look like? If it is rusty and gfenerally looks 'orrible, then I'd go for a system, excluding the catalyst, of course.

On the other hand, if the joint will seperate, then I'd be happy to replace the tailbox only.
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Hi Chris:

1 - When I have replaced exhaust sections on my (later) Polo, I have found my local VW dealer's prices compare very favourably with local fast fit outfits.

2 - The replacements on the Polo have lasted very well, fit properly and are as quiet as the originals. My experiences of several fast fit exhausts have been variously noisy, badly fitting and silencer baffles collapsing within 2 months of fitting (3 times).

3 - DL normally knows what he's talking about

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I would by a VW rear box only especially if the middle box and flexi coupling is in reasonable nick and a VW part. Use VW clamps not U bolts and fit the O/S rubber doughnut hanger first then fit the N/S rubber on the exhaust. If you have trouble fitting it thread a piece of thick cord through the doughnut and pull the doughnut with the cord fed through the wheel arch to locate the doughnut on the chassis hanger. Smear a little silcon grease on the hanger to ease the fit. Regards Peter
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Thanks for all your advice ,will get down to it and replace the rear box with a VW part as you suggest this weekend.Its bound to rain thats s**s law.


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