Ticking Peugeot 106 - Rob E
Dear all,

The car is my Mum's Peugoet 106 1124cc pre-facelift 1996 N. It has had this curious and annoying fault for some time now:

Just after you use the indicators or any of the light functions on the stalk, it emits a brief ticking sound. The sound is just like that that the indicator makes, but is sometimes at a faster interval. The indicator lights (outside and on the dash) do not come on when this noise is made, it is just a noise. It can occur with engine on or off (but key in ignition), and sometimes occurs for no reason whatsoever.

Do any of you have any idea of what it may be and how to remedy it? It really is infuriating and would put off a potential buyer from this otherwise super car. As I say, it's the same sound as the indicator and seems to be made worse by touching the functions on the indicator stalk.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Rob E
Ticking Peugeot 106 - elekie&a/c doctor
I would suggest the indicator stalk switch is faulty.Seen this problem on many peugeot/citroen derivatives.
Ticking Peugeot 106 - NormanB
Sounds like the relay 'chattering' to me (pardon the pun)

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